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Everlasting promises of herbal cosmetics

Everlasting promises of herbal cosmetics

During recent years, the cosmetics industry has been trying to find new alternative methods and ingredients to use in their products. Disdain for animal cruelty and growing suspicion towards synthetic and chemical ingredients were at the heart of this wind of change.

With more research done in the field of botany, there has been growing interest in the potential of nature and what it has to offer. Flowers and plants of different kinds are now being relied upon to manufacture sustainable natural skincare and cosmetic products.

Herbal cosmetics is a brand new trend worldwide. It is so relieving to know that you can find and use organic safe products on your skin without worrying about possible side effects and problems.

Join us to discover more about the gifts of nature and where you can find trustworthy shops selling herbal products.

What are herbal products?

Herbal products are of two types; medicines and cosmetics. Both types are derived primarily and mostly from plants. Wild and farm-grown plants are powerhouses of beneficial nutrients and ingredients that have a high potential to treat bodily illnesses.

These natural products can be found in various forms such as powders, oils, teas, tablets, extracts, and so forth. Natural cosmetics, herbal skincare extracts, and food supplements are all part of natural therapeutic methods.

Natural therapy products are essential in alternative medicines such as the Indian Ayurvedic medicine. These methods usually believe in the deep connection between body, spirit, and mind. They regard nature as the core of all answers and the solution to human illness.

These products are expected to address the emotional, physical, and mental aspects of the human being.

Any Herbal stores near me?

If you would like to embark on the experience of trying out natural skincare and cosmetic products then you will need to find some trustworthy herbal shops.

I have been looking for some herbal stores near me recently, and here is what I found:

Just Herbs:as their biographytells, they are “a line of pure bespoke and Ayurvedic results-driven skin and hair care which is made from certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients collected from across India.”

They have an incredible collection of purely herbal-made products for skincare. You can find treatments for blemishes, acne, under-eye protection, sun protection, and glow boosters. They have also a collection of oils for hair care; you can find oils for dandruff, hair fall, dry hair, and other related problems.

Makeup has its share of the brand. Herb enriched lipsticks and cheek tents are my personal favorite.

With a desire and mission to “Make beauty Inclusive, Transparent Wholesome”, this brand keeps exceeding all expectations. With positive reviews from international magazines, it is only fair that we acknowledge their efforts. Just Herbs is a world-class herbal shop catering to the whole world with online selling and home delivery options.

The second shop I found out about during my search is an American-based store with the name Halo Herbal Cosmetics. With a vision of a deep connection between the human body and nature, they manufacture skincare products with 100 percent herbal organic ingredients.

Ha’lo has magnificent sets for various skin issues. You can choose from several items ranging from night sets to boost cell renewal to anti-aging sets boosting the elasticity of the skin to sets treating acne and other problems.

DIY herbal cosmetics:

Any herbal shops near me?

To be honest, most organic and natural products cost much more than the usual ones we are accustomed to. Besides, another problem is that sometimes you might not find what you are looking for nearby. In such a case you would be forced to order it from overseas which will cost you even more money or give up on a potential life-saving item.

In my attempt to find an herbal shop near me, I stumbled across a valuable discovery. Renee’s Garden is a US-based company selling seeds and plants of various types.

You can find a myriad of plants and herbs on their online catalog, choose which ones you need for your future DIY products and make an order. Their plants are tested and suited for all United States growing zones. They source plants from experienced and trustworthy farmers and growers.

You will get instructions on how to grow the plant in your garden or backyard, plus information on pollination and other related matters.

Renee’s Garden website also contains a guide to making your herbal cosmetics at home. There are some fascinating and surprisingly useful recipes for facial astringents, cream, shampoos, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Grow some plants and start making your own cheap skincare products.

Herbal stores might not always be close by, but you can always be the master of your fate and create whatever herbal products you need.

A few recipes to try:

Herbal cosmetics cover a wide range of products. Skincare items, shampoos, makeup, oils, and other categories are part of this natural approach to aesthetics.

Facial mask:

  • 1 cup of distilled water
  • 2 tablespoons of Chamomile blossoms
  • 2 tablespoons of oatmeal

Boil the water and then add the chamomile blossoms and turn off the heat. Cover it for a while and then strain the chamomile. Pour some of the infusion on the oatmeal and mix into a paste.

Apply it to your face, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash your face with warm water and then with cold water. This mask purifies the skin, tightens it, stimulates blood circulation, and cleanses your face.

Face toner:

  • 1 teaspoon peppermint tea leaves
  • 4 teaspoons white tea leaves
  • ½ cup boiled water
  • 2 drops of lavender oil

Mix the ingredients in a blender. Leave the blend to cool and then mix it with Aloe Vera gel. Pour it into a glass container and stock it to use when needed.

This face toner should fight acne, soothe your skin, and cleanse your face.

Natural therapy products and herbal cosmetics make a promise of beauty, youth, and health to all users. Sometimes the hopes seem too high, but at the end of the day, personally, I choose to trust nature over chemical products.


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