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Olive oil and lemon

Olive oil and lemon

As a child, I grew up encouraged and oftentimes times forced to drink a mixture of olive oil and lemon. I used to hate this drink, and I have always thought of it as a punishment for misbehaving. Years went by and I grew up to realize the reality which I refused to admit and quite often thought of it as mere naïve behavior. As a child, I failed to see the incredible benefits of this unique syrup. Now, looking back at my family’s unjustifiable deeds, like drinking olive oil and lemon blends, I can only regret the years which slipped away from me without valorizing this unique inheritance.

All families in the Mediterranean basin, North Africans mainly, share a rare belief in the utility of olive oil; this belief is so deeply rooted in their ancient knowledge passed down through generations that it tolerates no doubts. It is a practice that has been transformed into a self-evident truth.

Medical uses of olive oil and lemon from popular beliefs to scientific facts:

As winter hovers over our heads we need to remember to keep a supply of good quality olive oil as a precaution against flu cases. This recipe cannot substitute antibiotics, but it surely alleviates the dire symptoms of influenza. Merely mix a few drops of lemon with a bit of oil and you either drink it or rub your throat and chest with the mixture. This can yield immediate effects such as relieving sore throats and dropping fever degrees. It also spreads a good amount of energy in the body allowing flu patients to get back on their feet.

Olive oil and lemon for detoxification:

Body cleansing is a necessity. We consume various toxic foods hence we need at least to detox our bodies if we are not thinking about adopting a healthy diet just yet. Detoxing only needs a simple recipe with ingredients available in every pantry. You can choose your suitable drink and add half a squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. For the drinks you are free to choose what suits your appetite; green tea is highly recommended, but if the weather is hot and you feel like drinking something cold you can prepare any kind of juice you wish. You can even add the ingredients simply to water if you are not a morning person and you cannot swallow a thing in the early morning hours. Is it obligatory that you drink this in the morning? Of course not, yet it is advisable to take it on an empty stomach. An additional bonus to this amazing treatment is that it results in weight loss.

Olive oil and lemon: a perfect and cheap beauty solution.

Did you ever think that cosmetic products are overrated and most often overpriced? Have you ever thought about chemical additives in commercial body care creams, soaps, and lotions? You have a point, and you are probably right.

Women during ancient times relied solely on natural products like olive oil and vitamin-rich lemon. Traditional beauty secrets revealed a heavy reliance on homemade recipes. Lemon is amazing for greasy hair; combined with oil, this duo can do magic to your hair. It nourishes both scalp and hair, facilitates growth, and adds a magnificent glow that lasts for significant periods.

The same olive oil and lemon mixture is also incredibly beneficial for the whole body. During the winter season, our bodies get rid of dead skin. Applying olive oil and lemon with some sugar to the body helps remove degenerative skin especially before shaving.

Olive oil and lemon should never run out of any kitchen:

Organic olive oil can be used for all possible recipes, and in all foods, one can think of. Few tablespoons of oil with some fresh lemon juice make up a tasty addition to both your salty and sweet dishes. I even use them when baking cakes and pies for their astonishing scent and nutritional value.

One famous recipe is that of lemon vinaigrette. If you are in a hurry and don’t have salad dressings in your fridge or simply dislike ready-made products you can always resort to preparing your exclusive salad dressing. Put some lemon and extra virgin olive oil in a jar and shake them for few seconds. For additional flavors, supplement your blend with salt and herbs of your choice like ginger or mint and even some black pepper if you love spicy flavors.

I would trust organic products recipes like olive oil and lemon, any time. Take a leap of faith and try some of these astonishing treatments and cuisine additions, and I am sure you will not regret it.


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