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Delicious cashews recipes to try

Delicious cashews recipes to try

When we talk about nuts we cannot miss mentioning cashews. These uniquely shaped nuts are virtually always present. Whether in gift baskets, ceremonies’ rituals, or everyday snacks, these nuts occupy a special place.

Indian cuisine uses cashews a lot in a wide variety of recipes. Other cuisines around the world also make use of this nut excessively. However, some people usually have issues with nuts as they uphold wrong assumptions concerning their benefits and possible dangers. Cashews and diabetes is a matter that is being constantly brought back to light.

This article, while answering this question, provides some delicious recipes to try at home.

Cashews and diabetes:

Diabetes patients often do not consume whatever they like. If you think of nuts and their effects on diabetic patients then you must have asked yourself at least once, is cashew nut good for diabetes?

One 2018 study experimented on diabetic patients with diabetes diet and cashew enriched diet. The second group witnessed lower blood pressure and higher good cholesterol levels than those from the first group with a customary diet, after twelve weeks. Besides, this kind of nuts contains excellent quantities of unsaturated fats.

The American Diabetes Association stresses the fact that cashew nuts are one of the top beneficial nuts for patients with diabetes. These nuts are a good source of fiber which is believed to play an important role in preventing blood sugar spikes. Also, they are low in sugars.

Global and ethnic recipes:

Kaju kalti or barfi:

Personally, I have been in love with Indian food for quite a long time. I love spices and Indian food is full of spices and is heavily flavored.

I do prefer sizzling hot dishes, but I do also like a piece of sweets from time to time, especially with my afternoon coffee break.

One of my favorite Indian sweets recipes is Kaju kalti. Though the recipe is usually prepared and consumed during the Diwali festival, I like to prepare it whenever I feel in need of something sweet. Perhaps, it reminds me of the fact that life is indeed a festival of lights and that we need to beat the darkness around us and light our path.

Kaju kalti is actually quite simple. You first need to cut the cashews in halves and roast them. Then ground them into a paste. Make sure the paste is fine enough but as fine as flour. Put the paste aside and prepare the sugar syrup.

Pour half a cup of sugar in a non-stick pan; you can control the amount of sugar used as per your preference for sweetness. Add five tablespoons of water and stir constantly. Stir until all the sugar dissolve and boils.

Turn the heat low and start adding the cashew powder in two or three batches. Keep stirring gently and make sure no lumps are formed. When the blend starts to thicken, add two tablespoons of ghee and one tablespoon of rose water.

The process will take a maximum of ten minutes, but it might be longer. Judge the texture for yourself. When it is done it will no longer cling to the sides of the pan. You can take out a tablespoon of the blend and make a ball with your hands; if the ball is dry it is perfectly cooked, otherwise, if it is still sticky it means that it needs a few more minutes.

When it is done, grease a baking paper and pour the mixture on top, cover it with the other side of the greased paper, and press gently forming a circle of ¼ inch thickness.

Leave it to cool and then cut into the desired shapes. You can garnish with ground nuts if you like to upgrade your recipe, otherwise, it is perfect the way it is.

Enjoy it whenever you like, serve it to your guests and impress them with your foreign cooking capabilities, or gift it to family and friends on special occasions or festivities.

Nasi kunci:

If you think that cashews are good only for baking or making sweets then you are wrong. They can be used with everyday meals’ recipes. Nasi kunci is Indonesian coconut turmeric and rice recipe that is easy to make and enjoy for lunch or dinner.

The ingredients for this recipe are numbered and the step is quite simple. You need to wash and rinse the rice first, and then soak it in clean water and leave it to cook on medium heat. Add turmeric and salt. When it starts to boil add coconut milk and stir. Leave it to cook until the water and milk are vaporized.

Add chopped cashew nuts and mix well. Garnish with parsley and more Kaju and serve it.


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