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Getting healthy starts with this list of healthy foods

 Getting healthy starts with this list of healthy foods

Are you kind of a health nut? Do you frequently feel the need to check on your health condition, on the food you eat, and go through all the boring minor details? Well, probably that is the way we all should act!

The ongoing pandemic has awakened us to the ugly truth of our fragility and weakness. Our bodies, no matter how strong they are, can be overrun by a tiny virus in a blink of an eye. Most of us do not do regular checkups. Most of us neglect minor health problems that might develop into something extremely harmful; Doctor House should have made us aware of this long ago.

We might be reckless when it comes to vital things in our lives; however, it is essential that we pay more attention to our health. One easy way to start doing so is to choose healthy foods. Let’s find out together what might be of great help to our bodies.

What is healthy food?

In a world where everyone is advertising their products as healthy, it is difficult to determine which the real stuff is. Besides, most people would simply ignore such matters to satisfy their appetite for unsuitable food options and keep the guilt out of the equation.

Well, healthy foods are the products that fill your body with the necessary nutrients for development and for maintaining good health and shape. Vitamins, proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates are the essential nutrients that you should be taking.

Fresh products like fruits and vegetables are the pillars of a healthy diet. Unfortunately, not just kids are avoiding vegetables; adults too rarely meet the daily recommendation of these items.

Processed food should be kept off the table; however, the food industry is fraught with these items and our choice of food is very much influenced by the mesmerizing advertisements of market lords. Snacks and fast foods are one big issue. Even though they may be made of whole grains, such as corn or wheat, you cannot determine whether or not they are safe options.

Dried figs' health benefits need no confirmation. Almonds and all types of nuts are great options to enjoy. It is high time we go back to whole grains and fresh veggies for the ultimate healthy life.

Know how to read the labels

It is common fact that most consumers do not check food labels or nutrition facts. The rest who do the checking usually misinterpret food labels. Most of us would instantly grab an item and put it in our shopping cart just because it contains a few calories. One thing we miss out is the serving size! If it is 150 or even 200 calories, it might not seem much; but this might be the amount in a small portion of what we bought. Next time pay attention to the serving size and control how many calories you consume.

Expressions like “whole wheat”, “gluten-free”, “natural”, or “0 fats” might be misleading. Food labels can lie, that’s no strange fact. Besides, the act of processing these products results in stripping off most of their beneficial nutrients; so they will not matter even if they are truly natural.

The most suitable options for women

Women are the most fragile compared to men. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and other factors might play a big role in determining their health.

The average suitable number of calories for women is 2000. Though, these might change according to weight and physical exercise. Fat, sugar, and sodium should be tightly controlled because these can cause the greatest damage.

Choose products with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as nuts, canola oil, avocados, and certainly olive oil, with EVOO as the best choice. These fats are heart-friendly. Avoid saturated fats. You might want to avoid fried foods, margarine, cheese, and meat.

Carbohydrates are essential to provide the body with beneficial nutrients. However, those stemming from processed food are bad; choose natural products.

Women lose iron with every menstrual cycle, that’s why it is vital that you include foods high in iron in daily meals to compensate for what you are losing. As the estrogen levels decline in women with age, it is also vital that omega 3 fatty acids should be part and parcel of their diets.

These facts result in the belief that the Mediterranean diet is the best suitable regimen for women. It contains all the elements necessary to maintain excellent shape.

Healthy food for kids

The early years of childhood are vital for brain development. It is necessary that you keep track of what your children are eating and improve their diets. It is proved that the nutrients found in eggs are quite beneficial for concentration. Greens are rich in folate and vitamins; evidence suggests that kale and spinach might prevent suffering from dementia in later years.

Fish is the best option for brain development thanks to its loads of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. They might inhibit memory loss. Some of the benefits of nuts include boosting the immune system thanks to their nutrients and possibly improving the nervous system.

The ultimate healthy food plate

Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health published a guide for the ultimate healthy food plate. It contains standard recommendations that you can follow to make the healthiest dishes.

Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and protein are the four magical words for the combination. Pick fish, poultry, and nuts for the ultimate dose of proteins. Try to avoid processed meat and cheese. Enjoy the benefits of whole grains and avoid refined ones like white rice and white bread.

Use healthy oils for cooking and frying such as olive oil and canola oil. Drink lots of fluids; coffee, fresh juice, and tea are great options along with water.


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