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March 29, 2021 by Ebastores editorial team
Updated August 9, 2021

Medjool: the history of Moroccan dates cultivated in the USA

   Medjool: the history of Moroccan dates cultivated in the USA

The United States of America has become among the most prominent exporters of Medjool dates, known as the king of dates across the world. California, in the western part, is the biggest cradle of these dates.

Medjool dates, which are considered one of the highest quality dates, with their large size and distinctive taste, have prices high compared to other types of dates such as Deglet Noor.

But what is the story of his entry into the United States and how has the latter been able to develop its cultivation during recent decades?

According to several historical sources, the beginning of the cultivation of dates in America started in the eighteenth century when a Spanish mission in California did so.

Walter Swingleis the man who introduced the first seedlings of this type to America and planted them in California; these then became a source of millions of palm trees that were planted in the United States.

Dates in California

California accounts for most of the production of dates in the United States, as it grows 90 percent of the total American production of dates.

Most of the American dates are grown in the Coachella Valley in California, north of San Diego, in the far southwest of the US, and are also grown in parts of western Arizona, given that it is considered an area with high temperatures and low humidity in addition to the abundance of groundwater in the region.

Some farms in California use the traditional methods of plantation and fertilization to obtain organic products. There exist several certified brands of different types of organic dates across the valleys of California. These products are recognized globally and are being exported to many countries around the world.

Where to find Medjool dates?

Medjool dates grow in hot, dry climates. There are large commercial plantations in Israel, the Jordan Valley, Palestine, USA - California, Mexico, South Africa, Namibia, Morocco, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

All are places that enjoy climatic characteristics that favor the growth of date palms, but the quality of the products varies from country to country. In general, the North African region is considered the best given the moderate Mediterranean climate throughout the year.

Where can I buy dates?

If you want to buy this type of date or Deglet Nour, they are available everywhere. The stores are many and there are thousands on the Internet, most notably Amazon and Alibaba. All of them provide fresh dates at prices that differ from each other due to the variety of the offered product and the difference in its quality and source.

certain farms in California do have their own websites and market their products on their own. Oasis Date Gardens is one example that offers certified organic dates.


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