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Sweet Deglet Nour Dates

  Sweet Deglet Nour Dates

Deglet Nour is also known as Royal Dates and referred to as the Queen of all dates. It can be found in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and United States.

Tunisian deglet nour date has a light bright color, soft touch, and sweet honey taste. Tunisia is an important producer of this precious fruit. For many years, Nour Dates have been cultivated in our land especially in the southern regions such as in Douz and Kebilli where we find it in large oases. We export dates to over 48% of the European Union‘s markets; Tunisia and Algeria are the two major suppliers.

Health benefits:

Let us discover the healthy sides of deglet nour dates.

The existence of fibers in the body is vital for human health. They are crucial to maintaining a balanced diet to avoid constipation. Further, fibers make the person feel full quickly which helps in losing weight rapidly. It is recommended to consume from twenty to twenty-five grams daily.

Deglet Nour Dates are characterized by a delicious sweet taste. It is full of natural sugar. It contains fructose that is responsible for the sweetness. Dates are healthy for those who undergo diabetes. Furthermore, They can replace white sugar with brown sugar that is extracted from dates.

Many surveys show that this incredible fruit contains natural antioxidants such as coffeic acid, ferulic acid, anthocyanins, which play a great role in food and in losing weight to have a wonderful body shape.

In addition, the phenolic components in dates can improve your brain, heart functions and can also prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's, and other various types of cancer, and some other chronic illnesses. Doctors and experts advise you to eat every day from fifteen to twenty dates, to make you feel powerful and full of energy.

In addition, dates help in solving the problem of constipation. Over time, these royal fruits have been used as a remedy. They contain high amounts of dietary fibers that play a big role in the movement of food through the intestinal tract.

Besides, Deglet Nour contains insoluble fibers that promote food digestion and ensure smooth food movement inside the stomach without pain.

Consuming dates helps to lower oxidative stress that is a major factor for pathogenesis and heart disease. In addition, it contains a high level of potassium, which helps in maintaining blood pressure under control. Thanks to the flavonoids in dates, one’s bones are strong and not fragile.

The deficiency of vitamin A leads to night blindness so we have to eat this Royal fruit since it is rich in carotenoids. Carotenoids help in preventing night blindness and preserving healthy vision.

For people who suffer from bodily weakness, it is recommended that they eat dates because it helps in gaining weight.

Dates are admired for their nutritional values which cannot be counted. This is why dates are added to many recipes such as bread, cakes, cookies, and juice …and it is now used in producing coffee without caffeine that is very dangerous to health.

Dates: What are its side effects?

Dates are good for nutrition but they can be harmful. Eating dates can lead to obesity since it leads to overweight gain. Also, it leads to allergies that may cause asthma. According to Dr.Divya Tripathi 70 %_, 80 % of people over the world have allergies to airborne substances like molds which are also found in dried fruits like dates.

This fruit can cause skin rashes and acne. Eating dates is good for our teeth but it can be harmful. They are rich in carbohydrates which might cause teeth decay and the raise of cavities.

High consumption of deglet Nour dates is not good for people who are suffering from diabetes due to the high level of natural sugar like sucrose, fructose, and glucose.

to sum up, dates are an incredible treasure of human health. However, one should consume dates in moderation,in a good way, not at random. If you want to discover the honey taste of Deglet Nour dates, then join us in Ebastores and put your order and you will be satisfied with the delicious and magnific deglet nour dates from the amazing desert oasis of the south of Tunisia. Ebastores is at your service. Just contact us.


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