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Tasty street foods around the world

Tasty street foods around the world

Street food is a worldwide tradition that is only expanding in value and quality. At home as well as elsewhere, I am quite certain, people are cautioning against foods prepared in the streets. Most argue that they are not healthy and even not clean and safe.

Well, breaking news guys, not all street food around the world are created equally. A clean environment, health-conscious cooks, and fresh safe raw materials are all that are needed to present a fulfilling dish.

This article explores some of the best dishes around the world served on the streets, just so that you know what to look for the next time you go traveling.

Tunisian street food:

The sole advice you would hear from Tunisian mothers, each time their kids go out, is: don’t eat street food! However, there is one dish that even those mothers cannot resist, and that is “lablabi”.

Lablabi is like vodka for the Russian and wine for all others. It is a dish that fills us with warmth during the cold nights of winter.

Honestly, I have no idea about the meaning or the origin of the name; it has been known like that for centuries that it became a by defacto part of our lives and we stopped wondering about the origin.

Lablabi is the king of Tunisian street food during winter. As soon as the first drops of rain wet the streets, vendors bring out the necessary equipment. Wandering Tunisian streets at such times, you will surely notice the special plates showcased to usher the lablabi season.

This dish is made of simple ingredients. The pillar is chickpeas. Well-soaked chickpeas are cooked in water, salt, and cumin. Pieces of bread are put in the special plates and then chickpeas with a bit of their water poured upon them.

On top, we add a half-cooked egg, or fully cooked if you like it that way. A tablespoon of tuna, two tablespoons of harissa paste, and a few pickled olives make the final touch.

It is really delicious and the harissa paste spikes warmth in your body. You can prepare it even at home. That way you will use the leftovers of bread and prevent waste.

Indian street food:

As a die-hard Indian culture fan, I have always cherished their food and colorful ingredients.

There are various roadside Indian foods worth your attention if you are taking a trip there, but I will stop short of listing them all for convenience reasons.

If you adore crispy food, as I do, then surely you will like “Sev Puri”. This tangy snack is made of mainly puri and mashed potatoes. They put first the papdis, which are crispy small deep-fried flour pooris. On top, they sprinkle a tablespoon of potato, chopped onions, and chaat masala. To garnish add a tablespoon of khajur imli ki chutney and garlic chutney. Sprinkle a bit of lemon juice and sev. Add raw coriander on top and fresh mangoes and serve it.

Samosa is my second favorite dish. These are crispy deep-fried doughs filled with a unique sauce. The latter is usually made of potatoes, chilies, green peas, and spices.

Turkish roadside prizes:

Whether you have been to turkey or seen it in movies or not, you must have heard something about “Simit”. Simit is a pleasure to the eyes and noses even before it becomes a pleasure to the stomach. It is a regular sight in Turkish streets. Simit is a great on-the-go breakfast. It is also a fulfilling snack, especially with a light cup of tea.

Known usually as Turkish pizza, “Lahmacun”is a simple meal of thin dough topped with a minced meat-onion-red pepper mixture. It is often rolled and enjoyed while still hot. Having this dough, you might very well forget about the usual pizza you are accustomed to.

Börek is another famous Turkish dish that is not only prepared at home but served on the street sides for busy workers and hungry bystanders. What is unique about Turkish borek is the cheese found between the layers of the dough.

Russian curbside food:

Russia has some interesting street food recipes, even though they prefer home-cooked meals.

Blini are crepe-like pancakes that are served with either sweet or hot fillings. Fillings range from ham, cheese, or caviar, to honey and jams.

Pirozhki is a must-try recipe. They are small pies filled with various ingredients. They can be stuffed with fish, meat, rice, mushrooms, spring onion and eggs, vegetables, berries, and fruits. Choose the flavor you like the best.

Chinese food:

If you want to find healthy street food around the world, then you need to check this Chinese recipe. Jianbing is an excellent breakfast or snack. It is basically dough made of wheat and grain flour.

It is fried on a griddle and an egg is usually used as the base. Scallions, lettuce, cilantro, and chili sauce are the main filling, though it depends largely on the geographical location of the vendor.


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