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Top types of nuts to cherish

Top types of nuts to cherish

Nuts, the dried, edible fruits, usually consist of one strong shell hiding a crunchy kernel or seed. There are so many types of nuts; some can be added to salads, cookies, chicken, and fish, while others are best consumed as snacks on their own.

Types of nuts:


It is a legume but classified as a nut by de facto. They are grown in warm climates, like Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Australia. They are harvested raw and then left in the sun to dry. Nuts are full of minerals and vitamins.


They originate in parts of western Asia and the Middle East. They have become the main ingredient in some dishes such as baklava,ma'amoul which is a famous dish in Tunisia, Syria, and Turkey.This nut can be used in a variety of dishes, you can make pistachio ice cream, pistachio salad, tiramisu, and butter.

They contain a high level of fatty acids. Pistachios can lower the risks of cardiovascular disease. They are rich in vitamin B and contain anti-aging properties that improve your skin's appearance. People who suffer from eye problems are recommended to eat pistachios because they improve eye health.

Iran is the top producer of pistachios. It grows in the Middle East, the Son Joaquin Valley in California, Southeastern Arizona, and the high desert of New Mexico. Pistachio is very expensive because it is hard to cultivate. The tree takes five years to start producing fruits. The pistachio tree should be planted in spring and the gaps should be deep.


This fruit consists of an external hull and a hard shell with the grain that is the true nut inside. Almond nuts are sold shelled and unshelled. Almonds can also be treated to peel the white thin layer covering the dupe. There are two types of almond trees. While almonds called Dulus are sweet, some other trees produce bitter seeds.

In Spring someplace between February and March, the tree begins to develop flowers so it needs to be pollinated once the flowers start o bloom. Though, some almond trees do not need pollination. The season of collecting almonds depends on the type of the tree and the atmosphere of the location where almond trees are grown. For example, from August through October is time for harvesting in California while in some regions of the middle east the season starts in later June to July.

In Tunisia, the regions of Sfax, Kairouan, Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid, and Feriana are famous for different types of almonds such as Achaak, and Mazzeo.

From almonds, you can extract oil that is used to protect hair and skin. It is widely used in cosmetics thanks to its amazing features.


Although they are high in calories, hazelnuts are rich in antioxidants which safeguard from the oxidation of cells. Also, they are a good source of dietary fibers that encourage bowel movements and prevent constipation. The American Department of Health and Human Services advises women from ages thirty-one to fifty to eat 25.2 grams of dietary fiber per day. Also, it can help people lose weight and have good health by lowering the risk of obesity. Hazelnuts include a diversity of antioxidants such as vitamins that protect the human body from cell damage related to cancer.

This type of nuts needs to be harvested when the husks become yellow, before the autumn rains around late September. When the nuts start to fall from trees, you can easily shake the tree and cause the nuts to drop from their perches. To store hazelnuts, you have to put them in cool dry areas.


They grow in the humid and dry tropics. They grow mostly in Brazil, Vietnam, India, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The outer shell is full of sardonic liquid that may cause skin burns. Cashews can be frozen andthen you can easily detach the shell. They are rich in magnesium, antioxidants, and vitamins.


Pecans grow in south-central and North America in Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico. They grow on trees, in woodlands, or orchards. They take from six to ten years to start producing. Harvesting pecans begins by shaking the trees and gathering them later from the ground. To be dried, they need two weeks at least in their shells.

Pecans contain fats and antioxidants. They are important components in sweets, chocolate, and chicken salad. There are several varieties of this nut, such as Mahan, Moreland, and summer pecans.

All these types of nuts have various benefits for human health. You need to add them to your diet and reap their nutritional value. These nuts and others are easily available online; check Ebastores.


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