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Two ways to boost your healthy lifestyle

Two ways to boost your healthy lifestyle

Sometimes we get caught up in the spinning wheel of time and busy paths of life that we forget the vital things in existence. Quite often, we only remember what is essential to our survival just when it is too late to save it or push any action. Healthy lifestyles seem like a farfetched dream sometimes.

What are you eating? Do not eat that or this. Stop smoking. Quit alcohol. Will you be living on snacks? Move your body; let’s hit the gym. How many times have you heard these instructions and questions? I bet you have been hearing these all your life.

Fortunately, we always have that special person, a mother, friend, or just conscious, that keeps reminding us of the near abyss and how to escape it.

In this article, I chose to share a few of my favorite practices to maintain good health and body shape. These are excellent choices for people who are not fond of dieting and following strict regimens.

The precepts of a healthy lifestyle:

A healthy lifestyle is something you should be enforced from the early days of infancy. True, it is never too late to learn, change, and adopt healthier diets and safer life options. However, the choices we opt for as kids might have severe effects on our lives ten or twenty years later. That’s exactly why we need to be paying attention to whatever might affect us in the long term.

A healthy lifestyle combines various practices and guidelines. It is definitely about food, but it is also about sports, daily habits, free time activities, bad routines, favorite addictions, and a lot more.

What most people have witnessed its advantages is to bring up your child the healthy way and foster his sense of a safe and favorable approach.

For a start, do not feed your infant processed foods. At least up until the age of two or three, avoid feeding your kids packaged, processed foods and sweets. If possible, feed them organic foods. Try growing your own vegetables in your backyard. It is a sustainable and cheaper option.

Feed them whole grains and leave aside breakfast cereals and muffins. Dairy products are essential for the growth of bones, teeth, and the immune system.

Please remember that if you are depriving your child of candy and biscuits you are doing them a great favor. Do not spoil your kids and destroy their health when they are still in the process of building up and growing.

Living on snacks and eating out all the time is not the most beneficial behavior for youngsters and adults. Take the time to cook for your family or for yourself. Fetch healthy foods and prepare healthy recipes that will benefit you.

An afternoon walk is the least you could do. It is definitely perfect to be on good terms with yourself and admire your body the way it is. But it is highly important that you put your body into shape. Sports are not just about physical perfection, they help you stay fit, active, and perfectly in shape.

One massive study conducted by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health revealed interesting findings regarding the correlation between life expectancy and optimal behaviors.

They identified five pillars that have major effects on life expectancy and premature death. Diets, body weight, physical activity, smoking, and alcohol consumption are the five areas examined.

The valuable finding revealed that meeting the defined criteria for one single area is enough to improve life expectancy. This can extend the lifespan for men and women by two years! Now imagine with me the effects of meeting the criteria for all five areas!

The problem is that most people find it hard to adjust to the guidelines of a positive lifestyle. Probably government intervention through public policies and education programs is needed alongside other measures to promote healthy habits.

Meanwhile, I have two excellent options for you to try out. I have tried these ways myself and I am definitely enjoying my body shape and many more advantages.

Intermittent fasting:

Fasting is a common practice among many people around the world. Indeed, throughout cultures and religions, this practice has been adhered to under different codes and beliefs. Most of the reasons, nevertheless, have been religious. Jews, Muslims, and Hindus, at least to my knowledge, practice fasting because of their religious beliefs.

Most of them, however, have never questioned this practice or looked for its effects, benefits, or disadvantages perhaps. So, why so fast?

Intermittent fasting involves alternating between fasting and eating. It actually happens automatically at night during sleep, but that is not enough. Fasting during sleep is not enough because most people sleep about or less than five hours and others wake up and eat at night. Besides, when sleeping your body is not burning many calories and therefore you need to be doing your daily routines to burn more energy and hence lose weight.

Fasting helps the insulin to function better and hence burn more fat. It might also give more time to the body to heal as the blood flow will be directed and focusing on whatever needs healing, instead of focusing on the digestive system.

Fasting also helps activate the gene responsible for BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor which creates new neurons and protects existing ones.

The perfect fasting cycle depends on your personal endurance and lifestyle. You can choose to fast for at least eight to fourteen hours and then eat.

If you follow the guidelines of intermittent fasting you could be losing up to three kilograms per month. But remember to eat healthy foods for two reasons: to maintain good health while fasting and get your necessary nutrients and not to spoil your efforts by consuming unhealthy foods.

Is there a perfect food option to opt for?

There are two types of people in the world: those who eat white sauces and bland foods and those who adore spices and sizzling foods. I belong to the second group and that has made all the difference.

Spicy food is about appetite but it is also about amazing advantages to overall health. The discovery of India and the launch of the Silk Road gave the rest of the world a few of the most valuable ingredients that we now use not just in the kitchen but also for cosmetics and therapeutic purposes.

Many spices, originating from India and others from different parts of the world, are now part and parcel of every culinary tradition.

Whether it is chili powder, paprika, coriander, cumin, bay leaves, black cardamom, caraway seeds, cinnamon, cloves, or any other type, they definitely add pleasure to food and taste beyond expectations.

Blends and mixtures of spices exist in each region. Garam masala is a famous Indian blend, whereas, baharat is an Arab mixture. They all can be used to garnish any dish you like.

Harissa, the queen of all spices, is a North African blend that has gained worldwide popularity. Capsaicin, an ingredient of chili peppers that are the pillars of harissa, has huge benefits.

Different studies have proved that spicy foods can affect the body positively and help with various conditions. They are likely to boost the life expectancy of people who adore spices and savory foods.

These foods can boost blood flow, enhance metabolism and the digestive system, and inhibit inflammation thanks to the antioxidants found in different spices.

At least, capsaicin can boost your metabolism and control your appetite as it makes you feel full quicker than usual. It might be a great option to consider if you are planning to lose weight.

The bottom line, spicy foods and intermittent fasting are simple methods that you can rely on without much effort. They can work out great for you. If you are planning on shifting to a healthy lifestyle, it is never too late, start with baby steps and you will reap the benefits soon.


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