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April 20, 2021 by D.Fathia
Updated May 31, 2021

Pitted dates meaning and how to pit dates?

Pitted dates meaning and how to pit dates?

Let’s find out how to pit dates for stuffing? And what are pitted dates meaning? You might have heard a lot about dates, but as someone who grew up amidst the cradle of deglet noor dates’ oases, you have been missing out much on this incredibly sweet fruit.

Dates come in different shapes and tastes. The most famous types being Medjool dates and deglet noor dates, these two are the main rivals for the king’s crown.

For most people, the latter kind has been crowned long ago. Yet, the first type is so delicious that it has been ruling the appetite of thousands globally.

The two varieties have their specific uses and consumers as well. Each type serves a purpose and addresses specific desires. However, what you have been, probably, unaware of is that there is more to these savory fruits. These are sold not only as raw unaltered fruits but also as pitted dates.

What are pitted dates meaning ?

If you see a packaged box with a label saying dates without pits, don’t get confused. If you are wondering what are pitted dates means, the answer is quite simple. They are just dates. Unlike the ones you get straight from the palm trees, however, these had their pits removed.

Most brands sell pitted dates. However, you can do this yourself at home. Just buy normal dates and have them pitted.

Dates without pits can be dry or semi-dry. You can even find soft ones. Medjool dates and the queen of dates, deglet noor, are two of the most appreciated types of dates. These are usually sold pitted to be easy snacks to carry with you. Besides, these two types are used in several recipes, that’s why selling a pitted option makes it easier to use them. You don’t have to waste time, simply enjoy the sweet fruits.

How to pit dates?

You can always buy dates that had been already pitted and save yourself the trouble. However, if you are a fan of DIY stuff or you like to spend time in the kitchen making your own food, then you can remove the pits of the dates on your own.

how to pit a date?

The process is really easy and simple and doesn’t need any expertise of any kind. Here are the general guiding how to pit a date:

Take one date at a time, use a knife to cut lengthwise. You will feel the knife hitting the pit or the seed; be gentle and don’t cut deep so that you don’t end up with two pieces apart.

Use your thumbs to open the date from both sides while using your index finger to push the back of the date which will push out the pit. If it doesn’t fall off on its own, then you take it out.

One more way to pit dates is through using a chopstick. A smooth long chopstick with a pointed edge would suffice. Hold the date in one hand and the chopstick in the other. Make the pointed end slide into the date, pushing the seed until it is completely out. This way you get an uncut date; it is way more too prestigious and you can fool anyone with it: wow! A miracle happened! Dates grow without seeds!

Are dates hard to pit?

Dates are very easy to pit and do not require much effort or experience to do it. We only note that the knife should be gently grasped so as not to harm the fingers. This type of dates are available in nearby grocery stores and are good and sweet.

Can you eat the pit of a date?

No, the date pit is not edible. it is considered as waste, only the edible part of the date can be consumed.

Recipes with pitted dates:

One of my favorite recipes with dates is the stuffed dates. This is actually quite popular in Tunisia, especially during the month of Ramadan. A by defacto rule of Muslims during this fasting month is to break the fasting with dates and a cup of “laban” which is a kind of curdled skin milk, or simply a glass of milk.

In Tunisia, we like to upgrade things. This recipe would take your ordinary plate of dates to another level. Here is how:


  • 500 grams of dates200 grams of almonds
  • 100 grams of sesame seeds
  • Rose water/ orange blossom water
  • 2 tablespoons of icing sugar
  • Nuts ( the type is optional)

Pit the dates. Use deglet noor, it is the perfect variety to eat. Medjool dates are also an excellent choice.

Roast the almonds for four to five minutes. Roast the sesame seeds for two minutes. Ground both of them and until they are mixed well. Add the sugar and mix them with either rose water or orange blossom water. The second one is my favorite choice.

Take one date at a time and stuff it with some of the paste you got. Now for garnishing, you can choose your favorite type of nuts. Take pine nuts for example or pistachios. Cut them into small pieces and place them on top of the stuffed dates. Bon appétit.

Medjool Dates Substitutes

When it comes to this type of dates we can choose between fresh and dried ones. Both options are used in cooking and can be a good way to add sweetness and nice flavors to your cooking.

Medjool Dates are actually one of those dates which come from the USA and Many other country. If you need fresh dates, you’ll find out that they have many varieties and all of them can serve as a substitute for each other.

They are consumed in unites states and these are used as a way to replace sugar in recipes. Further, they can also be turned into a paste which is also used in cooking.

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