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What is Harissa spice made of?

 What is Harissa spice made of?

Chili Pepper

The appearance and use of Capsicum vegetables are traced back to 7000 BC in the Americas. Chili pepper is a staple ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Northern states, Sinaloa and Sonora, use the ''wild pepper'' to add spiciness in soups and cheese while the southern states use it to prepare different types of hot sauces.

It was first introduced to the rest of the world by Christopher Columbus. Peppers were considered to be « the poor people's pepper » since it was available for the impoverished farmers. They used it to add endless tastes to their tedious meals. The Trade of this fruit has started early in history. The exportation of pepper from India and Egypt occurred between 1303-1213 BC. Nowadays as the demand for pepper has been augmented; Vietnam dominates the spice trade as the world's largest producer and exporter of pepper with over 263.5 thousand tons of pepper produced in 2019.

In Tunisia, chili pepper was ultimately introduced by the Spanish and Portuguese colonizers. Chili pepper is grown in large areas. Indeed, Nabeul is a famous Tunisian region known for its spicy peppers and other different types of harissa. It is located in the northeastern part of the country and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on both sides. The whole region of Cape Bon is characterized by its moderate climate that ranges from 8.4 °C minimum temperature in January and 22.6°C minimum temperature in August. In Nabeul, the spicy vegetable appears everywhere: in markets, inside the small house gardens, and more particularly it is an essential ingredient in Tunisian food.

Nabeul cuisine cannot stand without the peppery hot spicy flavor.

Types of peppers you never knew before!

If you want to add soul to a dish, add pepper to it. Whether you prefer your food spicy or sweet, peppers bring the flavor you need.

Bell Pepper

The sweet peppers come in big beautiful shapes and fresh colors (green, red, orange, yellow). Their big size seems perfect to be stuffed with chopped meat.

  • Mini Sweet Pepper

There is no huge difference between this type of pepper and bell pepper in taste yet they are smaller in look. You can add them to your favorite salads. They will be perfect with their mid-sweet taste.

  • Cubanelle Pepper

It has a golden, green and fresh color. Besides, it has a deep sweet taste that can be used best in your favorite pasta or pizza.

  • Banana Pepper

The name perfectly goes with its banana yellowish shape.

  • Cherry Pepper

Known as Pimento and has such a fresh red color and small cute shapes.

  • Poblano Pepper

This type is considered to be very spicy. Big in shape and must be stuffed with whatever recipe you want. It is mostly used in Mexican cuisine.

  • Serrano Pepper

It is long, thin, and sharp with bright red color. It is usually added to salads.

  • Thai pepper

Thai pepper is known for its vibrant red color. It is hot in taste that's why it's mostly used in soups and pasta.

  • Jalapeno

It is the spiciest of all of them. This kind of pepper is very popular.

  • Habanero pepper

An Amazon pepper, its unique orange color, and its hot taste are the perfect addition to any dish.

  • Ghost Pepper

It originates in India and is considered one of the spiciest chili peppers in the world. It can be used fresh or dried.

Discover all the Spicy Events!

  • China's Chili Pepper Festival

The celebration is described as ''the hottest event '' for its rich spicy program through which competitors and chili lovers involve in food battles. A pool filled with tones of chili peppers and water is where participation is held.

  • The Cheese and Chili Festival

It takes place in four locations throughout the south of England: Christchurch, Swindon, Guildford, and Winchester. This festival is a unique event celebrating cheese and chili in the region.

  • Pepper Fest

A live festival held in North Hudson for three days to celebrate classic Italian spicy food.

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