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spiciest peppers in the world

December 31, 2020 by D.Fathia

World’s hottest peppers!

World’s hottest peppers!

Do you use the word hot a lot? Do you have an eye for detecting heat generating, savory, and mouthwatering beings and objects? You should pay attention more! Not only women are hot! There is a whole different spicy world that you need to discover. Do you generally feel drawn to hot ladies or hot men? Does this give you shivers and cause your heart to beat wildly? Can you feel the scorching sensation running through your body? If this gives you goosebumps, then wait to see what the hottest sizzling pepper could do to you!

How to measure peppers’ heat:

There are two possible ways to determine the peppers' heat scale and classify them. Wilbur Scoville designed the Scoville organoleptic test in 1912. This is a subjective assessment as it depends on people’s sensitivity to capsaicinoids. The latter is extracted and diluted in a solution of sugar water. A trained panel has to detect the heat in this solution. Recently, other analytical methods took place. High-performance liquid chromatography is one such method. This is defined as the most reliable pungency testing technique.

The top ten most burning varieties:

The list of the super hottest peppers keeps changing rapidly as farmers compete to pollinate and cross-breed new varieties pushing the Scoville heat scale even higher. The following list is the latest classification.

· Carolina reaper: was ranked world champion in 2013; it has maintained this position until recent years. The unique stinger tail specific to this pepper strikes owe in people and foreshadow pungent heat. It has a sweet fruity flavor. This hybrid species recorded 2.2 million Scoville at its peak.

· Trinidad Moruga scorpion: is a recent discovery from the depths of Hades. It may lack the tail but it still stings. From the inside, this pepper is full of the placenta which holds all capsaicin oils rendering this scorpion so hot.

· The 7 pot douglah: defying the norms, this type has a brown color. Don’t be fooled by the light color, it is one of the world’s hottest peppers.

· 7 pot primo: is strikingly similar to the Carolina pepper; it even has a distinctive skinny tail.

· Trinidad Scorpion Butch T is a 2011 Guinness world record holder. It has a reputation for gradually building heat.

· Naga viper: a rare variety planted in the UK, resulting from a cross-pollination of different types.

· Ghost pepper: is the first pepper to test over one million Scoville.

· 7 pot barrack pore: is another hot pepper from Trinidad.

· 7 pot red(Giant).

· Red Savina habanero: is a previous world champion but dethroned since 2006.

Thanks to the diversity of this production we can spot more blazing names that have once conquered this list such as dragon’s breath, Spanish naga, and infinity chili.

Remedies to treat pepper burn:

Eating peppers or simply touching them can be extremely dangerous. One should be careful when being near or dealing with this plant and all of its extracts. A naïve belief dictates that water can soothe the burning caused by peppers. While peppers capsaicin responsible for the heat is but oil, though unlike any other oil, it still repels water. Besides drinking water after a chili burn can cause damage to your stomach. The best option is to drink cold milk or soak your burned skin with it. Vegetable oils can be used, either gargled with or drank. Though oils might prolong the healing process for they have the potential to spread the heat even more. While for skin burns you can use Vaseline on the affected areas. It is advisable to use gloves and eye protection when handling these descendants of hell.

Hottest pepper varieties in Tunisia:

Tunisian soil and warm climate offered suitable conditions for pepper plantation. Excessively used in Tunisian cuisine, chili pepper is the highest demanded product. That’s why farmers use two different ways of cultivation. Seasonal pepper is planted in open lands; generally harvested from August to the closing days of winter. Another crop is cultivated in conditioned plastic greenhouses. This latter type provides nearly year-round supply.

· Baklouti: is smoky with mild building heat and slightly curved pods vegetable. This royal breed is exceedingly used in all Tunisian dishes. It is also frequently combined with other additions to create Harissa, a splendid North African specialty. This pepper is rich in vitamin C, A, B6, and potassium which contributes to protecting the immune system and producing collagen.

· Bar abid: a small but very hot Tunisia variety.

· Sarter and agrimax are foreign types, among others, imported and used in the local plantation

Hot peppers? What use?

Most people have an insurmountable tendency for hot spicy foods. I am one of these insane humans! As a Tunisian, I adore mixing hot pepper with all possible dishes. One way to conserve pepper for various uses is to make it into a sauce. Hot pepper sauce causes an insanely unbelievable adrenalin rush.

Tunisian Harissa is a must discover food. Made with Baklouti pepper and spiced with few herbs, this unique paste is rare to find. If you are a person who desires salty spicy delicious food additions then this is surely for you.

Multiple uses can be listed for this double-edged plant.

Hot pepper is certainly suitable for a large number of people. If you did not try it yet, don’t hesitate. Have a taste of this exotic aphrodisiac secret and you will never be able to quit it. It is an addiction. It adds a certain spicy aura around you and that can serve you well.

Using the word hot a lot and being told off by ladies because of that? Here is a solution, lady you are not hotter than this pepper in my hand!

Blushing and whispering hot to yourself afraid that special attention-grabbing man would hear you? Here is an answer tailored for you, shout it out loud, and don’t hesitate, if he hears you and turns around to look just give him half a glance and say, sir, are you related to pepper in any way? I’m simply admiring this super hot sensational pepper scent!

With pepper, you can never run out of solutions. Be creative, admire hot peppers!


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