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A sneak peek at New Jersey food festivals

A sneak peek at New Jersey food festivals

The last year has been a troublesome one. Constant lockdowns and social distance left many people, victims, to depression and mental breakdowns. The simple pleasure of life became a far-fetched dream. An hour’s walk on the beach at sunset, a coffee break from a hectic day, a delicious meal at a fine restaurant, or a friends’ gathering around a fire camp became forbidden and feared gestures.

Luckily, this year, there are signs of hope. As the vaccine became available to a significant part of the population and more efforts are being made to cover the remaining individuals, restrictions started to loosen up. Life is taking off where it stopped. New blood is being bumped in the veins.

These novel situations call for the spread of festivity and celebrations. One of the events I am personally waiting for is food festivals. New Jersey seems ready for the challenge as it announced the big return to food celebrations. If you want to invite your stomach to a nice treat then keep scrolling to find out more about New Jersey food festivals 2021.

What is special about New Jersey food?

A country as big and as diverse as the united states of America is definitely a melting pot of several ethnic and cultural traditions. Food is the most obvious evidence of this diversity.

Culinary traditions and food choices differ significantly between states. New Jersey is one of the most famous food states.

New Jersey is labeled the capital of diners because of the huge numbers of diners and restaurants scattered across the state. New Jersey is home to more than five hundred diners. It is also home to everyone’s favorite MM.

Bordering New York and Philadelphia, New Jersey drew from both cuisines. It also has a standing history of immigrants’ presence in the area and their influence on the state’s culinary traditions is an undeniable fact.

The state is known for both food production and processing. Agriculture has its share of the economy. Species such as blueberries, cranberries, asparagus, corn, and peaches are cultivated and used widely in the local cuisine.

Pork roll is processed meat common in New Jersey since 1856. Though competitors filled the market, it is still often called Taylor ham the namesake of the first man who developed this product.

Salt water taffy is still sold on the sides of the streets in Atlantic City, where it was first invented.

North and central jersey draw from New York’s traditions, that’s why, you can find regional dishes such as pastrami, bagels, and submarine sandwiches quite popular. Whereas the southern parts of Jersey, influenced by Philadelphia, prefer cheesecakes, pretzels, and scrapples.

New Jersey is a stronghold of hot dogs. The Italian hot dog, the ripper, and Texas wieners are some of the oldest variants of hot dogs that originate in the city.

Tomato pies and fat sandwiches are also unique recipes originating in the state. The myriad of food choices in New Jersey is impressive and surely deserves a tour in the state to taste some of these delicious recipes.

New Jersey food festivals 2021:

With an eagerness to retrieve the joyful days, longing for gatherings and social exchange, and desire to taste exciting new recipes after the boring meals of lockdowns and eating alone at home, New Jersey has already hosted a few food festivals beginning from late April.

The state has a long list of such events that will continue till October 2021. It is a quite busy year or summer at least. If your country or state has just started to ease lockdown and travel restrictions, I am sure will still be able to attend one or two events.

You might be reading on healthy food blogs that you need to watch what you eat and especially how much you eat during such depressing times, but you need to know that such events are a must to attend.

You might have missed the Branchburg food truck festival 2021, which took place last May 23rd, but there are still other events to consider.

The Empanada Extravaganza 3 starts on July 11th. As their official event statement says, they will be “highlighting local gourmet food vendors and their unique twists on empanadas.” The event will witness the participation of around eighteen food trucks. Family activities, music, and fun games are also part of the festival.

Von Thun Farms Sunflower Food Truck Fest starts on August the 7th. The event is a celebration of the sunflower season. Food trucks will be on the scene presenting various foods. Music, games, and a walk across the Sunflower Trial are the main highlights.

BBQ Fest- Clifton, presented by Ghost Hawk Brewing Company, will be held starting from the 25th of September. Fifteen vendors and the best of BBQ trucks in New Jersey will be there.

Garden State Plaza Food Truck Fest will start on the 3rd of October; one more event to say goodbye to the fall season and enjoy the perfect weather outdoors. So, pick a choice, reserve a ticket, and head to New Jersey.

My advice for you is yes you should pay attention to your food consumption behavior especially during these hard times, as instructed by your trustworthy healthy food blogs, but a day or two exploring gastronomic pleasure won’t hurt. New Jersey food festivals 2021 are an opportunity to move on and leave the stress of the pandemic behind. They are a way to celebrate life and victory against a deadly virus.


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