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Dates: a diversity of types

   Dates: a diversity of types

Dates are nutritious dry fruits of the palm tree. They are the most delicious natural sweets. In Tunisia, dates have been cultivated for thousands of years. They can be harvested from the month of November until December. Dates are characterized by their wide variety of types and benefits. One may wonder what are the benefits of dates? and what are their varieties?

I come from a region where deglet noor dates are all that people talk about. They are heavily consumed and can be found at every house. Alig and Kenta are also other varieties cultivated here but mostly for local consumption, unlike the first type.

Other regions, however, cultivate different types. Medjool dates are not a common variety in most countries with the tradition of planting palm trees. Nevertheless, they are globally known and admired.

This article explores the known and famous types of dates.

Dates: the most known two types:

Deglet Noor Dates:

Deglet noor dates are labeled as Royal dates and referred to as the Queen of all dates. You can find this type of date mainly in Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. It has a light color and a sweet honey taste. Tunisia is a famous producer of these fruits. Besides, Tunisia is considered the main supplier of the European market with nour dates. The popularity of this fruit is due to its wide range of benefits and nutrients.

Deglet nour is an excellent source of natural antioxidants such as coffeic acid, ferulic acid, and anthocyanins acid, which play a great role in losing weight. Also, it contains a vital amount of fibers that help in maintaining the good digestion of food. In other words, thanks to fibers, the problems of constipation are solved. In addition, nour dates are healthy for those who suffer from diabetes, thanks to fructose that is the source of natural sugar.

Medjool dates

Medjool dates are native to Marocco.They are cultivated in warm regions such as The Middle East, South Asia, the US, and South Africa. They are very sweet and similar to caramel in taste. This type of date has an oval shape and dark brown color. Also, when they are dried, they become much sweeter than other types of dates.

Medjool: nutritional and potential benefits

According to the U.S.D.A, one Medjool date includes at least 66 calories. Also, it includes:

1.6 dietary fibers

16 grams of sugars

0,4 grams of protein

18 grams of carbohydrates

This category of dates is a fundamental source of a variety of nutritional elements such as fibers, minerals, calcium, and potassium.Medjool dates are considered a great solution for constipation thanks to the insoluble fibers that help food to move quickly through the digestive system. Furthermore, digesting these dates may help in managing weight, since dates give you a feeling of fullness. In addition, this interesting type of dates contains a high amount of antioxidants, which play a vital role in protecting the human body from free radicals. That can cause damage in the body and lead to certain cancers like skin cancer and skin inflammation. Recent surveys show that Medjool is rich in potassium which is necessary for heart and kidney functions.

Despite the amazing benefits of Medjool dates, they should be consumed in moderation because of the high level of sugar.

Fresh vs dried dates

Fresh dates are crunchy and hard and not sweet like dried dates. Also, fresh dates are a great source of vitamin C. Further, if you want to drop some weight, it is better to consume fresh fruits. While Fresh fruits are a source of basic nutrients, dried dates are much better as a source of iron and calcium. Dry dates contain a higher amount of fiber compared to fresh ones.

To conclude, both dried or fresh dates are described as the most beneficial fruits that should be part of our daily food. Dates can be easily found in many grocery stores and online stores such as ebastores that provides you with a diversity of choices. Just join us and you will be satisfied.

The giant Amazon displays a plethora of types of soft, semi-dry, and dry dates. Nutstop and other globally known platforms and locally familiar online stores also display a significant number of types.


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