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Deglet Noor and the hidden secrets of ancient times

      Deglet Noor and the hidden secrets of ancient times

At Ebastores, we strongly believe in the miraculous remedies of mother nature. Our vision perceives the natural discovery of “I live my life by the seed of my plants". Growing dates in your garden can be auspicious and bring luck as my grandma says. I am new to the consumption of dates or to add them to my daily meals. Living with grandparents can be an enjoyable experience to uncover the hidden secrets of ancient times. My little story about dates may look funny yet a lesson to remember. Living life with the seeds of your plants can have many readings to cleverly remind you about eating clean, natural, and organic products like Deglet Noor.

I never distinguish between the various types of dates. I may even reply to you back with the same answer I gave to my grandma “Dates are dates”. Why Should I learn about the kinds of dates? Do any real differences exist if we eat Deglet Noor? What would I find special in Deglet Noor? More blessings, Luck, or health benefits? Those were my utterances to gently win my grandmother’s long lectures of “You have to eat 3 Deglet Noor dates every morning”. Winning her arguments won’t be that easy for someone like me and you. We believe in scientific facts and look forward to trying different things far away from our elder’s prophecies.

Thinking over and over what could be the health benefits of Deglet Noor, I surprisingly have to admit that the long lectures are worth the time to explore the miraculous secrets of the Queen of dates.

Royal Dates: A story of miraculous benefits

Having 3 dates a day is a daily habit for many around me. The Islamic culture and Arab heritage have taken the” “Date-palm of light” as a must add-in during the Fasting month of Ramadan. To break the fast, Muslims around the world prefer to have dates first. This fact drove us to dig deeper and go back to the scientific data to understand the health benefits of Deglet Noor.

A handful of pitted dates will give you your needed serving of nutritional value. That is to say, a single serving of Deglet Noor contains around 270 milligrams of potassium. The Queen of Dates is also a great source of Fiber. Within the same serving, Deglet Noor provides you with almost 7 grams of fiber. Thanks to its variety of antioxidants. Your body is safeguarded from free radicals that may cause harmful reactions that lead to chronic diseases.

Did you know?

In comparison with other types of fruit, the “heavenly date” serves to be the finest and highest combo of antioxidants. This includes mainly

Phenolic Acid –helps to lower the risk of cancer development and heart diseases

Carotenoids – are good for your heart health and reduces the risk of eye-related disorders.

Flavonoids – serves to be a good cure for inflammation and reduces diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and different types of cancer.

Sing the Goodbye song to Refined sugar and have Deglet Noor!

Trying to lose weight but cannot cut off sugar? Do you have a diabetic patient in your family? Thinking about a better alternative to add a tender surgery flavor to your recipes? Hesitant about whether to have dates or not? Do not worry dear reader, Ebastores thinks of you and we show you that we care about your health. Keep reading, we are happy to amaze you with much scientific data you have never known before.

The Heavenly dates are very miraculous because it contains fructose. A naturally occurring sugar in many fruits. The date’s fructose is your best choice compared to refined sugar. It has natural nutrients and antioxidants.

This is why you should have Royal dates every single day without fail!

Source of potassium

Rich of fibers

Rich in antioxidants

Source of phosphorus

Source of energy

Source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6

Source of magnesium

Source of energy

How many dates shall I have a day?

This question depends on you. Let us first of all discover together the nutrients of dates with Healthline.

A 100 gram of serving can provide you with the following nutritional combo.

Calories: 277

Carbs: 75 grams

Fiber: 7 grams

Protein: 2 grams

Potassium: 20% of the RDI (Reference Daily Intake)

Magnesium: 14% of the RDI

Copper: 18% of the RDI

Manganese: 15% of the RDI

Iron: 5% of the RDI

Vitamin B6: 12% of the RDI.

The Queen of dates is found in every Middle Eastern or North African country. Arabs and Muslims love to have dates the most. They believe in its miraculous benefits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Back to my grandma’s dosage of dates, her logic was not bad because she inherited those recipes from her ancestors unknowingly. We, the young generations believe in scientific findings more than anything else. We are all ears to listen to it.

The dietary fiber found in dates will help us to cut off the waves of unexpected hunger. I should have listened to my grandmother’s advice then! We can also have a home-made syrup to substate refined sugar and prevent many chronic diseases like diabetes.

According to many health experts, we should have approximately 4-6 dates daily if we are trying to lose weight. Having them along with a cup of black coffee in the morning and then again in the evening with a cup of milk, tea, or green tea. Ironically, my grandmother’s words became a scientific truth. Who knows, we should admit that our ancient times prove us wrong most of the time.

Discover 10 Amazing health benefits of the miraculous “Date-Palm of light”!

  • Remedy for sexual Weakness
  • Reduce the risk of stroke
  • Nervous system support
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Prevent all types of cancer
  • Allergy relief
  • Natural energy booster
  • Great Blood builders
  • Provide bone-strengthening minerals
  • Heal the digestive system
  • Dates: Deglet Noor the crowned queen

    “Honor your paternal aunt”, is one recommendation of Prophet Mohammed. He hinted at the palm tree. This relational classification finds resonance in the fact that this tree was created from the sand left over after the creation of Adam! This religiously identified origin of the Phoenix Dactylifera might only add to the botanists’ debate about the first origin of this species.

    Though lacking sufficient evidence, experts have identified India as the homeland of palm trees. Others stress another theory stating that palm trees are indigenous to the orient, mainly the Arabian Desert.

    Looking back through history, one cannot ignore the pressing presence of palm trees in the lives of ancient civilizations. Palm trees, wherever found, were the center of life around them. They provide all the necessities such as food, shelter, and materials.

    Water is also to be found around palm oases hence available for inhabitants of the areas and travelers alike. It is a self-sufficient circle. Nomads and nomadic life were planned carefully around the presence of palm trees. The use of palm trees and consumption of dates is now based not only on traditional wisdom but also on scientific proofs.

    Dates across religions:

    The Islamic teachings:

    dates enjoy special treatment among Muslims. Two factors account for this; the fact that palm trees and dates have been one of the important pillars of existence for ancient Arabs, and the fact that prophet Mohammed and the holy book have mentioned dates several times.

    Date palms were grown in ancient Arabia thousands of years before Christ. This plant, highly resistant to hot climates and arid soils, was nature’s bounty to the inhabitants of the deserts. In those wastelands, palm trees were symbols of fertility and plenty.

    The Islamic teachings bestowed an aura of holiness on dates. One of the most repeated habits is eating seven dates daily. This simple habit, beyond echoing the English proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, bears mystical underpinnings. These seven dates are supposed to protect the person from poison and witchcraft.

    Dates are an essential staple of breakfast tables in Ramadan. The first thing Muslims eat after a day of fasting is dates. Their health benefits and their natural sugar levels instantly stimulate energy in the body and satisfy the hungry stomach.

    The Quran contains one story about the Virgin Mary. When giving birth to Jesus Christ, she was instructed by God to eat from the dates falling around her as she was sitting under a palm tree. Scientific research proved that dates play a vital role in strengthening the muscles of the uterus and in the development of the fetus.

    Intertwined with sentiments of holiness and supernatural beliefs, consumption of dates for Muslims is an inherent upbringing that accompanies people from the cradle to the grave.

    Christian traditions:

    Palm Sunday is one famous feast celebrated in commemoration of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem. People welcoming Jesus at the time hold palm branches. This ritual lived on and Christians never ceased adorning their churches with palm branches in every palm celebration. Palm extracts and dates were used as remedies. Christian iconography uses palm branches to symbolize Christ's triumph over death and the superiority of the spirit.

    Jewish traditions:

    In Old Hebrew, dates were called Tamar. Jews bestowed the name on their women to symbolize beauty, elegance, and grace. Judean date palm enjoyed an incessant reputation and it is a symbol of the region until now. Palm branches were used in rituals and as decorative ornaments in temples as well.

    Palm trees were the source of one famous juice extracted by ancient Jews and offered to the god. Moreover, honey is believed to refer originally to the syrup of dates. In Exodus, the Israelites were delivered to the land of the Canaanites, “a land flowing with milk and honey.” Dates were God’s redemptive award bestowed upon them in the middle of the desert.

    Psalm 92:12_14 has an excellent comparison between palm trees and virtuous people: “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; planted in the house of the lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still bear fruit in old age; they will stay fresh and green.” This is one more piece of evidence of the lofty ranking of palm and their significantly remarkable grandeur, longevity, and everlasting gifts.

    Deglet Noor dates origin and cultivation

    This royal breed is the most appreciated variety of dates, worldwide. This fruit with a honey-like taste and a translucent golden light color simply seduces the appetite.

    Conflicting views agreed that Algeria is the original homeland of this variety. Later, Tunisia imported the seed and became one of the top producers and exporters of Deglet Noor, toppling even Algeria. Though several Mediterranean countries are now cultivating this date palm, California, United States, is the third globally renowned place for the production of this variety.

    Tunisia:Phoenician coins held the image of palm trees for centuries; this testifies to the presence and importance of this plant in Tunisia throughout the different civilizations and historical periods.

    Tunisia, the land of olive trees is also widely acknowledged for its date production. The southern parts of Tunisia are famous for palm tree oases. Kebili, Nefta, Douz, and Gabes are the main producing areas. These regions have more than 3 million trees of this variety. Deglet Noor palms account for 80 percent of the national date production.

    The Tunisian moisturized soil and high temperatures are the two main favorable conditions for the cultivation of date palm. The Mediterranean climate and the abundance of water springs, wells, and underground tables, positively affected this sector, leading to continuous bloom.

    The cultivation of palm trees witnessed huge progress during the colonial era. The French colonizers understood the importance of dates and the potential for palm orchards; that’s why the number of palm trees increased significantly and so the number of oases spread across the lands. After independence, palm cultivation was one of the pillars of the economy. This section of agriculture combined a growing relevance of know-how, suitable climatic conditions, government policies, and pressing needs for economic stability.

    Tunisian brands are globally acknowledged for their high-quality dates. Tunisia conquers the global market, with over sixty countries as loyal customers. The main importer of Deglet Noor is the European Union, followed by some Asian countries. Spain, France, and Italy have over 80 percent of the global imports of deglet Noor. Historical bonds and cultural underpinnings underlay these figures.

    BIOSCA Tamara, South Organic, Horchani, and Nouri Dates are a few companies with global recognition for their superior quality exported dates. Most of them are family businesses belonging to generations of palm planters. Horchani is one brand owning Bioorganic dates. Methods of cultivations are predominantly traditional with the use of some new techniques.

    Deglet Noor dates in Algeria: though ranked first in production, Algeria accounts for only 20 percent of the market share. The southern lands of Algeria live off date palm and its by-products. Dates are processed for the extraction of syrup, paste, flour, and vinegar. Adrar, El Oued, Biskra, Ouargla, and Ghardaïa were the regions benefiting from efforts in the late century to expand and enhance the cultivation of palm trees. Palm groves in these areas spread rapidly thanks to the mobilization of water resources. Now oases sweep hundreds of acres from the Atlas Mountain foothills to the Libyan-Tunisian borders. The production of dates in Algeria witnessed steady progress throughout the years. Though the cultivation of date palms is a keystone of Algerian agriculture, recently there have been several problems facing this profession. Diseases alongside water shortage and increase of population in the desert affected palm groves. Yet, research and efforts are conducted to rehabilitate infected and degenerating groves.

    SED OASIS is one of the top exporters of dates from Algeria. The firm has a standing history that goes back through the generations of palm farmers. One of their added attributes is their bio label dates.

    Californian Deglet Noor:

    At the beginning of the 20th century, the cultivar of Deglet Noor was exported to the United States. California is characterized by a Mediterranean-like climate. The state enjoys warm summer seasons and generally wet winters. These characteristics enable farmers to cultivate date palms. Arizona and Texas also harbor significant palm groves for their similar climatic conditions. However, California accounts for the major production of especially Deglet Noor dates, both nationally and internationally, with 75 percent of the general Californian crop. This crop is usually exported to Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, in addition to local consumption.

    Deglet Noor: one product or a multitude of luxuries?

    Are you familiar with Ali Baba and the forty thieves? Have you heard the story? If yes, then you must recall the famous cave central to the narrative. Ali Baba, a poor man, discovered a cave used by thieves to hide their spoils. Guess what? Deglet Noor is such a cave that hides in its depths much more than it shows!

    You might have been familiar with the natural Deglet Noor dates sold fresh from their palms. Usually, common dates are the varieties most propagated in different forms. However, there exist various products emanating from this wonder. The following list narrows down the extracts of these dates and the shapes in which they are sold:

    • Diced dates: these are small pieces of dates obtained by slicing full kernels. They are covered later with rice flour. Their use ranges from backing purposes to salad dressings and energy bars and smoothies.
    • Date powder: this is a flour-like product, obtained through drying dates and grounding them. The use of this powder is unlimited. It can be used for flavoring desserts, juice, and even yogurt. Also, it is excessively used in backing and pastries.
    • Puree: a fantastic tasty butter-like product. It is usually obtained solely from Deglet Noor dates. Mashing the pulp of ripe dates results in this diversely used nutrient.
    • Paste: date paste has a long history; it is a traditional way of conserving dates. Generally, the process of obtaining date paste is simple and manual. First, select the softest and most ripened dates, and then mash them with hand.
    • Sprinkles: these are the result of further processing date powder. These tiny little pieces are very sweet and crunchy. They are a perfect addition to breakfast cereals and cookies.
    • Bread: this is certainly a highly sophisticated product. Dates are pitted and mashed together with almonds to obtain an exotic mixture in the shape of bread.
    • Date syrup: dates are cooked in water, filtered, and then squeezed to obtain the syrup. It might be further left on the stove so that it would be more saturated. This honey-like liquid is the perfect substitute for jams. This syrup is a kitchen staple with a wide range of usage.
    • Crystal sugar: unrefined date sugar is the ultimate substitute for common sugar.
    • Kernel oil: not only dates can be benefited from. Seeds are cold-pressed to obtain the oil. Kernel oil is accredited with numerous health benefits ranging from skincare to hair growth. It is widely used in cosmetics and body care lotions and creams and can be used in homemade products.

    Processing and storage of Deglet Noor dates

    The dates you find on the shelves of your grocery have gone through various processes before finally resting there waiting to be tasted by food enthusiasts. To start with, they are harvested at the beginning of the fall season. The harvesting period usually lasts for about three to four months. This activity necessitates a lot of manpower and tremendous efforts because dates are handpicked, at least in the traditional groves.

    Later, the crops are transported to warehouses and factories for inspection and further treatment. Microbial attacks and temperature are important factors in determining the quality of dates and their preservation. That’s why it is crucial to store dates at the appropriate temperature degrees. Cold storage is usually advised to prolong the shelf life of dates. Studies have shown that the differences between fresh and stored crops are minor. Color, PH, flavor, and texture are at the core of the comparison. With results demonstrating insignificant changes in these four pillars, it is safe to conclude that stored dates are healthy and edible. The estimated shelf life of Deglet Noor dates is about a year in low temperatures.

    Common dry dates can be stored in airtight containers at room temperature. However, Deglet Noor dates should rather be stored in the fridge or the freezer because their soft texture is more vulnerable to degeneration. If properly kept in the freezer, their shelf life can be extended up to three years.

    Tunisian date producers and exporters charted clear methods for dealing with the crops so that they meet international standards. The harvest season for Deglet Noor starts in October. Regarding the crop, there are two separate results. The first crop is that falling from the palm trees on its own. This is carefully processed to yield usable products.

    The first harvest can be further classified into three varieties. Dates that are too ripened, are usually used for making date paste or extracting syrup. The second variety includes dates half ripened and half raw. They can be treated with heat to soften and used for different purposes according to the wishes of clients. The third variety is dried raw dates. These must be treated with hot water so that they can be used.

    The perfect crop is that handpicked from the trees once they are fully ripened. This is generally sold as it is without processing. It is only cleansed from any foreign matter or insects. This crop is the worldwide consumed Deglet Noor dates.

    All varieties, nevertheless, go through various tests. Food experts and dates specialists run tests to check whether the crop meets agreed-upon standards or not. They check the moisture, sugar levels, texture, and a host of properties. They run tests also to expose the existence of chemical products. Though most date groves do not apply chemical substances to their crops, some might use them on trees to protect against pests and diseases. Bioorganic dates, however, are now widely appreciated and encouraged. This variety forbids the use of any chemical substances either on palm trees or on the crops. Instead, traditional methods, like covering the branches, are applied to avoid potential insect attacks.

    United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

    The UNECE develops quality standards for food and agricultural products. These standards must be met for the products to be admitted into international markets. Provisions concerning the quality of dates focus on the following issues:

    • Cleanness from visible foreign elements

    • Free from insects and pests.

    • Free from rotting crop.

    • Free of unripe fruits.

    • Free from unpollinated fruits.

    • Free from external moisture and any foreign smell or taste.

    • Moisture content should not exceed 30.0 percent for the variety of Deglet Noor.

    More provisions and standards exist concerning the storage, packaging, and marking of dates. For the crops that do not abide by these strict standards, they are classified under three divisions. Tolerance possibilities exist but in minor violations. The online archive of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe can provide further details.

    Palm oases: the hidden heavens behind dates

    Once upon a time, oases were the pillars of life for ancient inhabitants of the earth. Today, oases are a sanctuary for people fleeing the detrimental pressures of daily routines and the fast rhythm of life. Nomads, traveling across wastelands and vacant areas, take refuge in the oases spread throughout deserts. These palm groves would provide all the necessities of life for these wandering clans. They do offer food, shelter, and materials for building primitive homes and feeding animals. Springs of water are usually abundant around these groves hence potable water is accessible to people.

    The geographic locations of oases bestow sociopolitical and economic importance upon them. Trading routes cross these oases and trade convoys use them as momentary resting places. That’s why several upheavals and conflicts erupted around these heavenly shelters.

    Imagine walking for hours without any sight of any human existence. When all the four directions seem alike and you cannot tell east from west; don’t you feel a bit lost and scared perhaps? Now close your eyes for a while, inhale fresh clean air, and listen to the omniscient silence around you. Doesn’t this sound surrealistic? Can there be such an experience? Follow my words and indulge yourself in an extraterrestrial experience!

    Amidst this forsaken forgotten and arid land, open your eyes and look further on the horizon. There, you will see a green inviting paradise. Engulfed with dunes, the green piece of land symbolizes essence in the middle of nothingness and existence in the middle of terra nullius. Get closer and thousands of lofty colossal palm trees will welcome you with a gentle bow from their branches. The breeze lurking between the trees is a savior after-hours beneath the scorching sun of the desert. The shade is a blessing for the burned skin. While water springs are miracles for the thirsty. Sunrays leave interesting shadows on the ground; sneaking between palm branches they unite with the leaves to draw fabulous paintings.

    The quietness in these places helps clear the head from pressing issues and overthinking. With random music coming from birds celebrating new dawn and a promising sanctum, you can only close your eyes and thank the Lord for such beauty. Here you unite with sublime forces and transcend the earthly towards the celestial. Immersion in such an environment is rejuvenating and recreational.

    The properties of oases are a treasure for health. The clean oxygen, sound water, and natural comfort gifted by the unique properties of palm groves can truly transform your health status and improve your brain and physical functions. Environmental psychology experts found that people exhibit « lower frustration » when present in green areas. There is great potential to restore one's mental health and reduce stress. That’s why people now seek the imitations of groves such as spas and gardens. But why spending money when nature’s gift is within your reach? Tunisia offers you the chance to experience this and a lot more. Tunisia is home not only to the fabulous sweet Deglet Noor dates but also to extraordinary oases. Visit it and discover it for yourself.

    See you very soon!

    Going back to ancient times is an enjoyable experience for many like you and me. You can feel the aura of mysteries. Living up to the magical moments of the past leads us to explore many places we never have heard of before. How could a few utterances of a grandmother take us to lands, civilizations, times, and facts we were blind to see. Deglet Noor is very miraculous for all of us. Here again, we found that mother nature unites all of us despite our differences. All religions mentioned the importance of dates. The old stories of Ali Baba and others confess the shared cultural heritage of the Queen of dates.

    Believing in the miraculous remedies of mother nature is a new journey towards ourselves. At Ebastores, we strongly believe in the “green vibes” of our mother nature. Saying thanks to the miracles offered by nature would not be enough to illustrate the miraculous remedies it offers.

    Taking the pledge of “I eat clean, green, and organic” is very essential to open our eyes to the hidden truth found in nature. Many scientific data have shown that there are many natural remedies in natural products like dates. Why are we blind to see the importance of dates? Deglet Noor could be a savior for many who lost their lives because of deadly diseases like cancer, strokes, diabetes?

    Going back to the past and lamenting upon the gone days won’t be a good start to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Feel the moment and make a change. Ebastores strives for making a change in your life. We can prevent many chronic diseases by safeguarding ourselves against many viruses like Covid-19. We don’t think twice when it comes to our health. At Ebastores, we think of you and care about you to live the longest healthy life.

    Our organic products can be a new jumpstart to illustrate the power of natural food.

    Unquestionably, The Queen of dates brings light to your life. It is very auspicious because Deglet Noor has many health benefits. It may also have many religious blessings but believing in the fact that your body needs it the most, I guess, you should not be hesitant to make an order and have it daily. Mysteries cannot be linked only to ancient times. Every single day, we should open our eyes and hearts to understand the importance of “green vibes” to willingly live the longest life we quest for.

    Dear inspirational reader,

    “Believe in the miraculous remedies of mother nature,

    Dream about a better tomorrow without chronic diseases,

    Think about the “green vibes”

    Hope for making a change today to live the longest tomorrow,

    Take care of yourself and sing the anthem of life beyond natural miracles.”


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