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Does olive oil go bad?

    Does olive oil go bad?

Olive oil has a pungent, almost fruity scent. Bad olive oil tends to smell like wax or putty. Does olive oil go bad? Yes, it might go bad if it is not stored properly and especially if it exceeds its shelf life.

Does olive oil really expire? How can I make use of this bad olive oil? Can I use bad olive oil on my skin? Can I use bad oil on my face? Is it safe to use bad oil at all? Let's find out.

Yes, olive oil can go bad:

Olives are perishable fruits, and the pressed oil is likewise perishable."Olive oil when stored properly, has a shelf life of roughly 18 months", says Jim Savage of organic roots, a California producer of organic extra-virgin olive oil.

Virgin olive oil, which has a higher acid content tends to last a little longer, with a shelf life of about 18 to 24 months from pressing. So virgin olive oil is your best chance especially if you are planning to stockpile a considerable quantity.

Once you have unlocked a bottle of oil, however, the oxidation problem picks up. The oil will start to degrade quickly so you must utilize it within one or two months.

The best way to store olive oil:

I would like to stress the fact that time, light, heat, and oxygen are the opponents of fresh extra virgin oil.

Seemingly, the only way to avoid the effects of time is to consume the oil as soon after farming as possible. The ideal storage location for the olive oil would be somewhere that is dark, cool, and in airtight containers.Protecting against oxygen is the most challenging part of storage. You should be sure to perfectly seal your olive oil bottle after each use. You need also to avoid stocking oil in plastic bottles since chemicals from the plastic can drain into the oil. Also avoid iron and copper containers which may cause a response to the oil, making it unsafe to use. You should store it in dark-colored glass bottles. This will conserve the oil from exposure to sunlight.

Ways to use bad olive oil:

Some are asking if we can cook with bad olive oil? Yes, we can cook with old olive oil. It will not make you ill as eating spoiled meat. But it might not taste as good as when you first bought it. It has probably lost any healthy importance by losing antioxidants. Of course, some people might tolerate the strong smell and taste of old oil, but others will dislike it. It is up to your personal preferences.

You can use it in different ways like:

1) Exfoliating brush for skin: the penetrating effort of olive oil makes it an exfoliating oil that eliminates dead skin cells and gives a neat, smooth, and glowing appearance to the epidermis. You can stir teaspoonsof salt, sugar, and ground coffee with one cup of expired olive oil, apply it to your skin and massage for 5 to 10 minutes.

2) Moisturizer for dry skin: the natural humectant properly of olive oil lures moisture to dry skin, and helps to soothe and hydrate it. Olive oil is loaded with vitamin E, vitamin K, and numerous antioxidants that provide anti-aging benefits to the skin, which help your skin look younger and keep wrinkles and age spots at bay.

3) Makeup Remover: alcohol-made makeup removers can irritate the skin and eyes and cause high dry skin. You can take a few drops of the bad oil on a cotton pad and wipe off the layers of makeup from your face; it also removes eyeliner and mascara from your eye without resulting in any skin irritation.

4) Add strength and glow to hair: it can be used as a natural hair conditioner that can bring back moisture and glow to dull frizzy hair. Even bad oil has high levels of antioxidants and vitamins A and E that keep the keratin in your hair.

5)Strengthening the nails: it can be utilized as an effective treatment to moisturize the nails. Olive oil works better than over-the-counter remedies because it can penetrate the skin and nails, soften the nails and cuticles, and repair the damage from within.

6) Do not throw bad oil and use it to prepare a good smelling and natural soap. It is easier to use oils in making it than animal fats, especially in homemade soaps.

So if you have bad olive oil try to use it in a good way; do not just throw it away.


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