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Most appreciated benefits of organic food

 Most appreciated benefits of organic food

In recent years there has been much talk and discussions about organic food, the health of effects of food, and the effects of cultivation methods on human health.

Many reasons have led to the introduction of modern techniques, technological developments, and new cultivation methods in agriculture and the food industry in general, be it processed food or natural products.

In most cases, the greed of capitalists has been at the core of recourse to techniques that focus on augmenting the production of certain products, without thinking of their effects.

Genetic engineering has also been one reason for the frenzy to try to engineer new products and mix DNAs seeking new flavors and new variations.

Following the surge, there have been raising concerns regarding the effects of such modifications. Different health conditions and even the development of chronic diseases have been linked to the consumption of certain non-natural items.

In this article, I will be trying to pinpoint some of the benefits of organic food as an alternative to processed and modified products.

What is organic food?

Organic food is food produced without the use of chemicals such as manmade pesticides and fertilizers. It is also GMO-free, that is to say, it does not contain genetically modified organisms. This type of food includes fresh produce, dairy products, and even processed food too.

Organic farming methods have been developed to produce such items. Organic farming mainly depends on the use of natural fertilizers derived from plants and animals. It is a sustainable environment-friendly method that both meets dietary recommendations and helps make the earth a better place, fighting climate change and other harmful actions.

The industry of organic food has been thriving for a while. It can be divided into two categories: small-scale business and international supply chains. Small farms usually are the destination of surrounding people who trust them and see for their own eyes the sustainable techniques used in farming.

Large-scale businesses, unlike the first ones, have to apply for certification to prove that their products are organic. These are distributed worldwide and need to be inspected and certified.

The United States Department of Agriculture oversees the production and labeling efforts through its National Organic Program. The department has three classifications: “100 percent organic”, “organic”, or “made with organic”; a product is either made with ingredients that are 100 percent, at least 95 percent, or 70 percent organic.

The culture of buying and consuming organic products is a bit shifting. Organic items often are more expensive than other ones; this can be challenging, especially for low-income families. However, growing concerns about the environment and health matters led most people to embrace organic options. Let’s find out where to find such healthy foods.

Benefits of organic food:

Organic products usually contain more nutrients than other items. Certain types of flavonoids are more commonly to be found in greater amounts. Organic meats and dairy products are likely to contain more omega 3 fatty acids because of the kind of feedings used.

The ban of synthetic fertilizers results in lower levels of toxic metal such as cadmium.

These foods are GMO-free and generally tend to be healthier than other options.

Organic grocery store

Usually, most stores and groceries have some organic food options on their shelves. Other stores are specialized in selling these products only. Natural Grocers is a supply chain that deals almost solely in natural products. In these stores, you can find anything you want from dietary supplements to body care and household products.

Whole Foods Market is another store to find what you seek from natural products. Sprouts Farmers Market should also be on your list to check. Mom’s Organic Market is one more option to check.

Natural food stores are many and can be found on every corner and crossroad. You just need to check the labels. Make sure you are buying 100 percent organic or at least 95 percent organic. The third choice of 70 percent is also a good one in case the others are not available; you just need to be aware of your needs.

Eba store: online natural food store

Ebastores is an e-commerce company headquartered in Tunisia. Eba store, the online platform, offers a variety of natural food products. Deglet noor is forever celebrated among us; it is one of the top finest and healthiest dates that you can taste. We only supply excellent quality organic deglet noor dates. Traditional methods of cultivation are still used in Tunisia.

Dried figs are also abundant in Tunisia and are highly valued at Ebastores. Our crop is organic and dried using traditional methods. Try some of these natural, healthy foods, enjoy the taste, and reap the benefits of organic food.


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