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What to do with date pits?

   What to do with date pits?

I had a date last night. It was incredibly awesome. Tonight, I’m thinking that I should continue the habit. It looked good, it tasted good, and it smelled good. The best part yet is that it took to virgin territories. I’m definitely in love.

I am planning on having several dates tonight. But first I should probably clear the misunderstanding. I’m not talking about relationships; no those are tiresome. I am talking about palm dates and my all-time favorite deglet noor dates.

Let’s talk a bit about the sweetness of dates and what to do with date pits, which, as turned out are not useless kernels.

Pitting dates:

Pitted dates are normal dates just like those you are accustomed to finding in the market. They simply had their pits removed. These make easier snacks and can be very helpful when you are using dates to bake and you are running out of time.

Pitted dates are common to find at all markets and online stores as well. However, you can pit them yourself at home. Either you want to make yourself busy or you have already bought non pitted dates the process is easy.

You just need to cut the date lengthwise using a knife and then remove the kernel. Make sure you don’t cut from both sides otherwise you end up having two slices apart and that’s not the ideal situation.

What to do with date pits?

You can use pitted dates in a variety of ways. You can pack them as snacks for you and your kids. You can turn them into extravagant desserts. The choice is really up to you because these sweet tiny fruits can upgrade any dish you think of.

As for the pits, you might have been throwing them away. Well, you have been wrong for so long, it is now time to pay those pits the respect they deserve. They are not waste.

Generally, date pits have been used as food for animals. But if you do not have any animals and you are wondering what to do with date pits, then I might have a few suggestions for you.

Some people have been adding date pits powder to coffee. I have not tasted such a drink myself because I have always been an addict to pure coffee, but it might be worth a shot.

Sophisticated techniques helped us extract oil from date seeds. This oil is made up offatty acids namely oleic, linoleic, lauric, and palmitic acid. This oil has been found to have excellent effects on the skin. The antioxidant properties specific to date seeds oil are impressively protective of the skin.

Amino acids and vitamin B6 found in date oil are just what you need to prevent hair loss caused by aging. It is also recommended to use on dry hair because of its moisturizing effects.

Date pits are also turned into powder. It can be used in baking either instead of ordinary flour or as an addition to the normal recipe.

Moreover, date seeds can be added to whatever waste you are gathering for composting.

Dates “contain 7.1–10.3% moisture, 5.0–6.3% protein; 9.9–13.5% fat; 46–51% acid detergent fibre; 65–69% neutral detergent fibre; and 1.0–1.8% ash.” According to research conducted in 2002. These contents present promising benefits for overall health. The research suggested that there is great potential in using some of the date pits extracts in foods. More research is still needed to reveal what antimicrobial and antioxidant properties those contents have and how they would possibly be excellent additions to our food.

More importantly, date seeds can be planted. You simply need to let the seeds dry and clean them, then leave them drenched in water until they show signs of growth. Plant them in small plastic pots, put them in a sunny place, and water them regularly. Once they grow leaves transfer them to a suitable ground.

You can end up with a gorgeous lofty date palm in your backyard or several trees if you have a farm. If none of these conditions is available then you can at least plant these seeds in the wild and help to make the planet greener.

Pitted deglet noor dates:

Dates are important fruits for Arabs. During Ramadan, the month of fasting, dates are the first thing we eat when we break the fasting. A cup of milk and three dates are usually the formula to feel relived again and kind of full.

Trying to bring old habits up to date, people started innovating when it comes to how they serve those dates. They started filling dates with different ingredients. If you are planning to try this yourself then here is a quick recipe.


  • Deglet noor dates Honey
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • pistachios

First of all, pit the dates, but make sure you keep them intact. Then, ground the almonds and walnuts, mix them together, and make them into a paste using honey. If you prefer a lighter flavor or you don’t want much sugar, then you can use rose water, for example, instead of honey.

Hold the date open and fill it with a tablespoon of the paste. Finally, garnish them with sliced pistachios.

You can use whatever nuts you like if you don’t prefer the ones in this recipe.

You can also use Medjool dates, as these can be available more than deglet noor dates.


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