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Cherish your green olives and enjoy the health benefits of olive leaf extract

 Cherish your green olives and enjoy the health benefits of olive leaf extract

One of the reasons why people are obsessing about olive trees is that every inch of them has tremendous benefits. Most people think that the only product that we can use from olives is its oil. However, the truth is there is much more to this blessed tree than just oil.

I have come to the belief that the ancient wisdom of our elders is priceless and definitely true. Our elders had a habit of using each plant they grow to the maximum. Nothing would go to waste; thinking about this actually made me realize that they were more eco-friendly than us and they were strictly following sustainable methods and practices.

The olive tree yields healthy oil, but it also provides other things to benefit from. Olive leaves’ extract is widely used for multiple purposes.

What are the health benefits of olive leaf extract?

The evergreen olive leaf has tremendous health advantages to offer. You might have been enjoying the sight of them, but now you will be discovering how and why you will fall in love with olive all over again.

Traditionally, extracts from the olive leaves have been used to treat infections and inflammations resulting from injuries, colds, and influenza.

Olive leaves are dense in polyphenols such as oleacein and oleuropein. These components have been extensively studied and proved to have positive effects on a range of illnesses.

Weight loss: one of the most pressing demands of people is to lose weight and maintain perfect shape. Two studies on rats, conducted in 2014 and 2016, revealed impressive results. Rats that were consuming high on cholesterol meals and suffered from obesity lost weight after they were orally administered oleuropein.

One study in 2008 revealed that olive leaf extract resulted in lowering cholesterol levels for twins with high blood pressure.

A 2011 study compared the effects of olive leaf extract and medication for blood pressure with two separate groups. Results were similar for both treatments.

The illness of the age, diabetes, is the most common problem among all people. Extracts from olive leaves have been proved to have significant effects on type 2 diabetes. In a 2013 study, subjects had important development in pancreatic responsiveness and insulin sensitivity, the two factors crucial in diabetes development.

Most importantly, though not tried on humans, olive leaf extract might effectively protect against cognitive decline caused by oxidative stress.

Laboratory scrutiny and testing revealed that olive leaf extract can fight viruses such as mononucleosis and rotavirus; it might have potentially positive effects on influenza and other viruses.

Is there a limit to the doses that I can take?

Olive leaf extract capsules come in standard sizes of 500 mg and 1000 mg. experts recommend that one dose should better be divided in two for the first size and four for the one thousand' size. It is better to have the doses with food.

Olive leaf extract’s health benefits are unquestionable; yet, it is always safer to consult a doctor or a dietician before having any dose.

Are there any side effects of taking olive leaf extract?

Like all prescriptions and treatments, this extract might have certain side effects and people taking it as medicine might suffer from medium to severe disadvantages.

A sole study suggested that having this extract might result in headaches and muscle discomfort in varying degrees between people.

We are still lacking extensive studies on this treatment mainly because it is not yet classified as a medicine. Research needs to be done on the interaction and effects of olive leaf extract with medications; therefore, people who have prescribed drugs need to consult their doctors if they are planning on taking the extract. We know from previously mentioned studies that the extract can do the same function as drugs given to treat high blood pressure, that’s why it is advised not to take both treatments at the same time to avoid very low blood pressure levels.

People with allergies to plants might suffer severe respiratory allergic reactions. Others might develop allergies to the olive leaf extract later during usage. It is always better to keep an eye on any symptoms that might develop during or after consumption.

The Health benefits of olive leaf extract make it the most demanded treatment, even though more research needs to be done to prove some suggestions. The extract can do wonders for your immune system, heart health, and various chronic diseases.


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