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Drinking olive oil: old habit turned wisdom

 Drinking olive oil: old habit turned wisdom

Olive oil has been a staple in mankind’s life since antiquity. It has been one of the pillars of all pantries. It is widely used in cooking, frying, dressing… etc. this golden liquid might have been associated with the Mediterranean diet, but it has earned respect from exerts and dieticians who consequently started recommending it for different regimens.

Olive oil is a healthy fat that contains many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It has promising effects on several conditions and diseases.

One thing that has been passed from ancient Arab civilizations is the habit of drinking olive oil. They considered the liquid treatment for various illnesses and drinking it directly was the perfect way to reap its benefits.

Confronted with several instances confirming the truth and utility of those people, we have learned not to question their wisdom before in-depth scrutiny. Join us to unearth the secrets behind this practice and to investigate its effects and utility.

What makes olive oil so attractive?

Sophocles has confidently declared that olives are "our sweet silvered wet nurse." This affection and appreciation of the olive tree since antiquity and among all civilizations is truly remarkable and intriguing. If olive oil is wrongly judged, it would have been impossible to observe the same attitude among people of different beliefs and lifestyles. What is, then, in olive oil that makes it quite remarkable?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, one serving of this liquid contains the following data:

  • Calories: 119
  • Protein: 0 grams (g)
  • Fat: 13.5g
  • Saturated fat: 1.9g
  • Monounsaturated fatty acids: 9.9g
  • Polyunsaturated fat: 1.4g
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Sugars: 0g

This oil is a healthy fat; it does not contain any carbohydrates, sugars, or fiber. It is unlike any other fat; it is made up of mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are essential for overall health. It helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients.

Compared to other kinds of fats and oils, olive oil has the least amounts of saturated fat which is considered harmful for the body especially if consumed in huge amounts.

Most frequently asked questions:

Those who are not familiar with this golden treasure and those who are still discovering the secrets behind the glittering are generally posing the same questions. We will try to answer some of the most frequent ones.

How the ancient ones used olive oil?

Olive oil has not only been a kitchen staple for ancient people but it has also been a medicine. It has been consumed as syrup in modern times. It was believed to have the ability to soothe sore throats, stomach ache, and other infections.

It was also used to treat constipation and prevent digestive issues. Drinking olive oil on an empty stomach was practiced towards such ends.

Olive oil was used to treat wounds, skin burns, and other surface injuries. It was also excessively used on the hair and as a skin moisturizer.

Above all this, the elderly had fostered a fascinating belief stating that olive oil is a cure for all diseases and a treatment for the aching body and soul. Without neither evidence nor expert opinion, their blind faith in the benefits of olive oil is truly incredible.

Can you drink olive oil?

Olive oil has been used in cooking, frying on low heat, dipping, and in salad dressings. It is a vital component of morning tables almost in all Arab countries and many Mediterranean regions. Another way of consuming olive oil is by drinking it. It might seem a bit bizarre, but it is not for people immersed in the culture of olives.

Is it safe to drink olive oil?

It is totally safe to drink olive oil. If you are drinking it for the first time you might not like the strong taste. Therefore you might want to start with small zips. You can increase your daily intake gradually; reaching even half a cup of olive oil is perfect.

Olive oil, and especially extra virgin olive oil, is cold-pressed liquid with no chemicals or additives. It is hence safe to consume.

Drinking olive oil on an empty stomach first thing in the morning has been a cherished practice among elderly people. They valued it as a detoxing drink.

Studies have revealed that incorporating olive oil into your diet decreases the possibility of suffering from heart diseases. If you want to maintain a good healthy heart, then you should better start drinking the magical syrup as soon as you can.

Benefits of drinking olive oil before bed

Olive oil might be an excellent solution for people suffering from hunger issues at night. It makes you feel full and thus helps you sleep well instead of suffering digestive problems if you eat something else to quench the hunger.

It services as a detoxification treatment during the night, cleansing the body from harmful toxins and components.

Olive oil soothes all inflammations and hence relieves heart pain and decreases high heartbeats due to inflammations. It is a home remedy for the troubles of sleep at night. It started to be recommended for people with insomnia.

Olive oil and lemon

Olive oil’s health benefits combined with the nutrients found in lemon and their consequent advantages is a great blend.

Whenever we have flu or sore throats, we grab a lemon and a tablespoon of oil. It is a long-cherished remedy for several pains.

The blend is a beneficial detoxifier. It eliminates bad toxins and other harmful compounds and helps the liver to function more properly. Also, it reduces bad cholesterol levels and hypertension.

One more thing this drink might cause is helping you be slimmer. Though no medical recommendation or research evidence has affirmed this claim, people are using it to lose weight.

Drinking olive oil is a sound practice that has no side effects. Three to four tablespoons daily might have significant effects on your health.


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