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Health benefits of honey and exceptional flavors

Health benefits of honey and exceptional flavors

After licking the last tablespoon and swallowing the last drop of honey, I thought that no wonder men have always referred to women as honey!

It is definitely the ultimate desire of people with a sweet tooth. You can never have enough of it, though overconsuming honey is bad.

Honey is the perfect substitute for various processed items used especially in baked goods and pastries. It can be a good natural sweetener. Several proven health benefits of honey will testify to its favor.

Otherwise, it can be used in many recipes, such as in smoothies, fruit salads, cakes, granolas…etc. once you try it, you will find out that you can no longer live without it. The next lines in this article ill tell just why!

Top significant health benefits of honey:

People may say that honey is after all is sugar and haven’t we been saying that sugar is bad? Definitely yes! Honey is mostly sugar, but are all sugars made equal?

This golden liquid is natural sugar, and who doesn’t need sugar to survive? Natural sugar is way much better than processed sugars. The following health benefits of honey will blow your mind, prepare to be amazed.

There might not be enough nutrients in this liquid to be considered vital, but it is surely a healthy option to consider. If used instead of other unhealthy options it will definitely add up to the general benefit of your meals.

One hundred grams contains 304 calories, and 82 grams of carbohydrates most of which are sugar obviously, with minimum amounts of fiber. It also contains potassium and traces of iron, copper, and riboflavin.

It is rich in plant compounds known as polyphenols, which are essentials for boosting brain health, digestion, and several other health conditions.

This natural treasure is also loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants such as phenolic acid and flavonoids help protect against cell damage and hence prevent conditions such as premature aging and heart disease.

To prove that not all sugars are created equal, researchers found that honey may actually be good for type two diabetes patients. It raises adiponectin levels, which is a hormone that reduces inflammation and improves blood sugar regulation.

Several observational and animal studies have proved the cardioprotective effects of honey. It may actually protect against oxidative stress damage and lower blood pressure.

Additionally, honey contains propolis, a type of resin that bees produce from sap-producing trees, which can improve good cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Folklore medicine:

Honeybees’ gifts to humanity have been used as medicine in numerous civilizations for centuries. It has been used topically to treat wounds and minor burns. The practice is still widely appreciated today.

Studies have revealed that it can be very effective at healing wounds that became infected after surgeries. Honey has significant antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It has also been proved effective in treating diabetes-related issues such as foot ulcers. Success rates achieved during the experiments were truly impressive. It has promising uses in treating other topical conditions such as psoriasis and herpes lesions.

Folklore medicine has also used this syrup to treat coughs. It is still administered to children even today, as a replacement for medicine that children usually despise.

Reviews of many studies showed that it is indeed effective in inhibiting cough symptoms and reducing their duration. It can also improve the quality of sleep for both adults and children with coughs as it relieves the symptoms.

Is honey good for your skin?

Unpasteurized natural honey is absolutely safe to use on the skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it one of the top used and appreciated items for face masks and treatments.

It is used to treat blemishes and acne. It can be used in masks with other ingredients. Make sure that you do a patch test first to see if you are allergic to any ingredient in the mask mixture.

Some might ask does honey clears dark spots or can it make the skin glow? Well, there is no scientific proof to back such claims; however, the exfoliating properties of honey may have positive effects on the skin. Apply to your face for a few minutes and hope for the best; it might at least eliminate the dead cell tissues.

One single study pointed out that the golden syrup may inhibit the formation of wrinkles and hence improve the skin’s appearance.

Above, this product is beneficial for the hair as well. It strengthens and hydrates the hair, soothes the scalp, and boosts its glow.

It can be used to massage the hair. Try mixing it with carrier oils that are known to moisturize the hair.

Varieties of natural honey:

Honey is a luxury that not all people can afford. Luckily for those who can, honey comes in various flavors. Honeybees feed on different plants according to where they are located and they make multiple flavors as per the plant nectars they use.

Tunisia has a varied landscape and a plethora of wild plants. That’s why honeybees’ owners choose different locations to get the flavor they desire.

The scent and especially the taste and color of this syrupy liquid depend on the plant nectar.

Ebasotres Corporation provides a few amazingly sweet natural honey options. They are the following:

Eucalyptus honey

Tamarisk honey

Sidr honey

Flowers honey

Herbs honey

Each variety has a unique color, taste, and even smell. They might provide different nutritional values, but they are all so sweet to be resisted. Health benefits of honey are common among all varieties, though, some might contain more nutrients and hence can be more beneficial.


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