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Health benefits of olives

Health benefits of olives

Haven’t you grown tired of sophisticated medicine? Had enough consuming a multitude of medicines for seemingly trivial illnesses? Well, maybe it is high time you start searching for an alternative!

Wondering where to begin? How about the folklore practices of ancient civilizations? How about listening to the wisdom hidden in stories from the Far East and North Africa, stories intertwined with the mysteries of marvelous antiquity? How about learning about the health benefits of olives?

Just an olive tree? Or a healing blessed plant?

There exists a perennial olive tree in Firiana, a Middle Western Tunisian city. This tree, having deep roots in ancient history, is so venerated by people that its story can no longer be differentiated from mythical thinking. Some believe that this tree cannot be cut and all attempts to remove it failed. The legend says that the Barbarian priestess Dihya, leading the indigenous resistance to the Muslim conquest of North Africa, sabotaged cities and destroyed everything before retreating so that invading soldiers would not find any supplies. One of the things Dihya destroyed was this tree. However, it grew back again the way it was! This astonishingly unbelievable act was for people a demonstration of the sacredness of this particular tree. From then on, it was forbidden to harm this tree and whoever tries will receive divine retribution! During holy times, people living near this tree would practice certain primitive rituals to honor it. The crop of this tree is manually treated to extract oil; t is later used as a cure for multiple diseases. Such beliefs are linked to people's understanding of life and fertility. This veneration foretells the importance of olives in people’s lives.

Benefits of olives:

Olive oil is a reliable source of energy. The olive fruit is rich in essential minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, and phosphorus. A collection of vitamins makes helpful antioxidants.

· The oleic acid, specific to olives, helps protects the heart. Olives also decrease cholesterol hence improving your heart condition and preventing strokes.

· Antioxidants strengthen the immune system by fighting free radicals. This might prevent some types of cancer like breast cancer.

· Polyphenols and vitamin H reduce brain oxidation and may play a vital role in combating Alzheimer's.

· One tablespoon of olive oil has forty-five calories and five grams of good fat. Eating one serving inhibits feelings of hunger, thus you can control your weight by not consuming excessive food whenever you feel hungry. Besides, oil releases a chemical substance called adiponectin, a substance that accelerates burning fats.

· Oil is full of iron, which is an essential, mineral for blood balance.

· Olive oil facilitates digestion and prevents constipation,

· Oleic acid can soothe the skin and keeps it soft. It can treat wrinkles, sunburns, and all skin related problems. You can forget about traces of old age, this oil will keep you young and shining. How do you think Cleopatra got her amazing never-aging skin?

· Olive oil is a good nutrient for both scalp and hair. It is beneficial for hair growth.

The Mediterranean diet:

The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating regulated by cuisine traditions from countries bordering the Mediterranean. It consists mainly of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and olive oil, because of the unbelievable benefits of olives. This eating habit gained recognition starting from the 1960s when it was discovered that coronary diseases resulted in fewer deaths in these countries. More researches found a trivial to nonexistent risk of cardiovascular diseases in subjects abiding by this diet. Henceforth it is recommended to promote health awareness and thwart chronic diseases. Healthy fats are part and parcel of this diet. Olive oil is one source of good fat. More importantly, it is best to use extra virgin olive oil, the most beneficial variety existing.

Benefits of olive leaves:

Extracts from the love leaf have proved useful for thousands of years. People used it in traditional medicine and now experts are treating it scientifically to obtain cures for various problems. One way to benefit from leaves is to boil them like tea and drink the blend.

Studies proved that olive leaves can positively affect insulin levels hence regulate your blood sugar rates. It has the potential to treat diabetes patients. It might also diminish blood pressure. The extract can improve brain functions and inhibit neurological diseases like Parkinson's.

Olive leaf extract is used to fight inflammations and infections such as flu, and cold. Besides, it can increase male fertility.

Nevertheless, like any other treatment olive leaves, extracts can be harmful, and so you should consult a doctor first.

Other uses of olives:

The wood coming from olive trees is the best quality in the market. Previously, people used to make coal out of it. This wood enjoys certain properties that protect it from damage caused either by moths or time. It is therefore used to fabricate good quality furniture.

The remains of olives, after extracting the oil, are used as food for animals and even as a land fertilizer.

As you can see, nothing is wasted. All parts of olives can be used one way or another. The benefits of olives are indeed a miracle.


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