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Healthy nuts or health nuts?

 Healthy nuts or health nuts?

Like all persons following the latest trends of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, I have been going nuts about health issues and food choices. Chemical treatment of vegetables and fruits has caused tremendous fear among all people regardless of their lifestyles. New and old diseases, threatening the lives of humans daily, have led to endless discussions and recommendations concerning which food to eat, how, and when to eat it. People have simply turned themselves into health nuts! Ebastores thinks for you. Instead of going nuts about your health and overwhelming yourself thinking about the good and bad choices, we suggest that you try some of our best healthy nuts.Be one of the health nuts and keep scrolling to find out more about what those tiny seeds and kernels have to offer for you.

What you need to know about nuts:

Nuts are the most desired snacks around the world. Their expensive prices do not hinder people from buying a few types each now and then. Their extracts such as butter, oils, and flours are hugely used in baking and cooking different sorts of dishes in all cuisines. One question frequently asked is whether nuts are bad food or not? They are certainly not! Nuts are outstanding sources of vitamins, fiber, and proteins. If you are a sportsperson or merely an active individual who needs high levels of energy all day long, then have a handful of nuts in your morning breakfast. Nuts boost your energy and make you resist hunger; a crucial factor in controlling your potential excessive eating hence your extra weight.

Another issue concerning nuts is their high levels of fats. Nuts contain good monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Though saturated fats might be present in certain types of nuts, they not a big problem. You just need to control the amounts you consume and calculate your fats. The matter of fats probably leads to another question. Is it healthy to roast nuts? Generally, it is better to eat your nuts raw so that you benefit from all their inherent enzymes and nutrients. Besides, fats might be damaged by excessive heat. Nevertheless; if you prefer a crunchier texture and a bit of a salty flavor, then you can roast your nuts by yourself. You must make sure that they are not subjected to too much heat. If you don’t have the time to do it by yourself you can buy it roasted, but you have to read what is written on the package and pay attention to salt amounts and heat levels.

Some people prefer to eat flavored nuts. Salted and flavored nuts are usually high in sodium and sugar that can be detrimental to your health. Yet, Caramelized nuts, other sugared or chocolate mixed options are fun and excessively desired snacks. It is ok to indulge yourself with a bit of love and happiness; yet, you must control your servings and consider the number of calories and carbohydrates in each snack you take. Keep these remarks in mind, and enjoy your nuts.

Health benefits of nuts:

Are nuts good for health? What are the healthiest nuts? Which are the best nuts to eat? Are nuts good for vegetarians? How many nuts can we eat? If you are health nuts, you probably have been asking these questions and lots more over time. The following recommendations are experts approved:

Nuts are rich in protein, which is why they are the perfect food option for vegetarians who are by de facto health nuts. Consuming a handful of nuts can meet your daily needs of proteins. More importantly, vegans need amino acid lysine. Almonds, pistachios, and cashews have the highest levels of lysine, with 207, 367, and 280 mg of lysine per serving, respectively.

Eating nuts diminish risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. A 2017 study in the Journal of American Medical Association revealed that 45 percent of deaths from heart and diabetes conditions correlate with low consumption of nuts. They might be high in calories, but their benefits for your overall health and your heart condition specifically are colossal. Nearly all types of nuts help decrease bad cholesterol and increase the good type thanks to plant sterols. Nuts are rich in L-arginine. They facilitate blood flow in the vessels and thwart the development of blood clots hence inhibit possible strokes and heart attacks. They can improve the health of your arteries and lower risks of inflammations. The abundance of Omega_3s prevents irregular heart rhythms. Fiber and dietary fats found in nuts are essential for cell growth and the protection of organs. Experts recommend that you eat four to seven servings of nuts weekly to avoid risks of death due to cardiovascular conditions.

Nuts are great snacks for diabetes patients. They help regulate blood sugar levels. Walnuts, for example, are rich in alpha-lipoic acid, which is an excellent anti-inflammation component. Almonds are a magnificent source of magnesium. They also help control glucose levels along with peanuts. Fiber-rich nuts generally hinder hunger, control glucose rates, and stabilize blood sugar. What’s more, nuts are low on the glycemic index; when eaten alone or added to other dishes, your body absorbs carbohydrates slowly. This results in a slower increase in blood sugar.

Few studies have been focusing on the possible utility of nuts in the treatment of the metabolic syndrome. People with metabolic syndrome have elevated potential for diabetes risks and cardiovascular diseases. Clinical trials have proved that nuts can positively affect all components of the syndrome. Nuts can relieve inflammation, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, and obesity and hypertension inhibition, etc. Nuts could be a promising treatment for this cluster of abnormalities.

Nuts, coupled with healthy diets or ideally with the Mediterranean diet, can offer an abundance of benefits. What is charming about them is that they are consumed in a multitude of ways. They can make a fantastic snack, a late midnight meal, a morning treat, or an exotic addition to a variety of dishes. Nuts have too many calories, but one drawback cannot and should not eliminate nuts from your diet. Don’t think twice, just go nuts!


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