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Incredible health benefits of frankincense oil

 Incredible health benefits of frankincense oil

I have been reading and writing about frankincense for a while now; the more I read the more I’m awe-struck. The effects of this product on the human body and psyche are incredible. I continue to discover new uses and new formulas daily.

I have been taken aback by my finding so much that I doubted my senses and logic recently. Once at a wedding, I witnessed the frenzied dancing accompanied by burning olibanum.

I nearly believed the magical effect of the fragrance on those dancers. Luckily for my better judgment, the bride told me that they haven’t danced in over a year. Deprivation was the cause of their behavior, not the hypnotic effect of some resin or its drug-like effect.

Doubts, folk stories, and myths are usually at the root of each discovery. Following my doubts and confusion, I continue to dig deeper into the health benefits of frankincense oil and its potentials.

What is frankincense essential oil good for?

Oil extracted from the Boswellia tree is one of the most expensive oils ever found. It does, however, deserve each dollar you put into it because this essential oil has fascinating potential benefits for the hair, skin, and much more.

Dubbed the king of essential oils, olibanum oil is one of the most researched and used products in the beauty industry and medical field.

It goes without saying that olibanum has a sacred connotation in almost all religions. It was used in sacred ceremonies in churches, temples, and mosques. Formulas for their use still exist detailed in the holy books.

Ancient civilizations, as well, came to realize the importance and effects of frankincense and some ancient archives contain texts regarding this item.

Arthritis is a condition quite common among most people. Research and animal studies suggest that frankincense oil might have positive effects on the symptoms and might potentially target inflammation itself. This oil can target and inhibit the formation of leukotrienes. It can be applied topically and orally.

Another common problem is gut-related issues. Digestion and diarrhea are painful conditions to live with. Luckily, recent studies found that olibanum oil can be as effective as drugs such as mesalazine.

Oral health can also be positively affected by this oil. Olibanum acids have antibacterial properties that are effective against gum diseases and toothaches.

One surprising remark on olibanum involves brain function. Research and experiments group of people revealed that frankincense oil can improve memory. The experiment concluded that " four weeks of frankincense consumption facilitates the acquisition and retention of explicit motor memory." Subjects during the experiment enjoyed moderate mental status; nevertheless, other cases reported that consumption of this oil helped patients with Alzheimer's.

The study, published in the US National Library of Medicine, mentioned that other experiments on rats showed that frankincense had significant positive effects on the spatial memory of rats. The results were much more promising than those of patients on placebo. One explanation for these effects is that olibanum's anti-inflammatory properties help fight the inflammation in the damaged areas of the brain which results in memory disorders.

Benefits for skin and hair:

Skin is one of the most delicate organs to deal with. Different types of skins require different treatments and care methods. Environment and surroundings affect the skin deeply. Aging effects are another lot altogether. I mean who doesn’t want to look young and enjoy baby-like skin all the time no matter how old are they?

Apparently, the health benefits of frankincense oil include regenerative effects for the skin.

Olibanum contains great antioxidants. They work miracles on the skin as they attack free radicals and hence inhibit the aging effects. It rejuvenates the skin.

Frankincense oil is heavily used in skincare products since it is a highly appreciated moisturizer. It addresses and fixes skin issues caused by dryness. You would usually find this oil in many beauty products. Besides, you can make your own products at home. But be aware that you need to dilute this oil in a carrier oil before using it in any DIY formulas.

This oil also enjoys astringent and antiseptic properties. It is useful to use against sunburns, scars, scratches, and acnes. It helps promote blood flow and tighten the muscles.

Another bright side of this oil is that it is great for hair. It keeps the hair moisturized and promotes growth. It is recommended that you use olibanum oil after each shower; it will keep the scalp moisturized and prevent the formation of dandruff. Use it frequently for better results.

The Health benefits of frankincense oil are truly amazing. It is good for the skin, hair, digestive system, and much more. It can be used orally and topically. But it needs to be diluted with carrier oils. Besides, it might have side effects, hence you need to be sure that you suffer from no allergies.

Side effects and risks:

Frankincense health benefits are undeniable and scientifically proven. Myths might be numerous around this resin but it has been proven to be more beneficial than just being a nice fragrance. Nevertheless, risks do always exist.

Frankincense has a low toxicity rate and hence it is safe to use. However, it is advisable not to exceed certain dosages.

Animal studies showed that a dosage of 900 mg per pound was toxic for subjects, rats, and mice. Human studies are lacking in this matter, but there are usually recommended doses for each condition; it is better not to exceed them.

This product can interfere with certain medications and hence you need to consult with your doctor in case you are on any treatment. If you are pregnant it is also highly important that you consult your doctor first.

Applying frankincense oil to the skin must always be used with carrier oils. If you experience any allergic symptoms or irregular and surprising conditions after using this oil you have to contact your doctor at once. Cramps and nausea are common after using this oil for some people, but you should consider professional opinion anyways.

Otherwise, use both oil and resin and reap the incredible frankincense health benefits.


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