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Nutrition facts: is halal guys healthy

 Nutrition facts: is halal guys healthy

Halal Guys fast food restaurants are spread throughout New York and many American cities, where they provide their customers with halal fast food. Many people wonder, on social networking sites such as Reddit and others, about the quality of the services provided, and are halal guys healthy? Let's get acquainted with the nutrition facts of Falafel Platter, chicken and gyro beef dish.

Is halal guys healthy?

Knowing the nutritional value of any halalguysfood you eat is important to maintaining health. This value varies from one halal dish to another according to the ingredients. In general, we can consider halal guys healthy if they do not contain large amounts of fats and oils.

How many calories is in Halal Guys?

At a minimum, there are 471 calories in 1 serving (13 oz). Here are the calorie counts for some halal dishes: Per 1 platter.

Small Chicken Platter

Calories: 471kcal || Protein: 40.00g ||Fat: 7.00g || Carbs: 61.00g

Small Combo Platter

Calories: 572kcal || Protein: 34.00g || Fat: 16.00g || Carbs: 73.00g

Large Combo Platter

Calories: 794kcal || Protein: 50.00g || Fat: 23.00g || Carbs: 96.00g

Regular Chicken Platter

Calories: 648kcal || Protein: 59.00g || Fat: 10.00g || Carbs: 79.00g

Combo Platter

Calories: 1092kcal || Protein: 72.00g || Fat: 49.00g || Carbs: 90.00g

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Halal Guys ingredients for the chicken



kitchen utensils


fresh lemon juice



chopped fresh oregano





canola oil



boneless skinless chicken thighs


Additionally, we use: freshly ground black pepper,¼ cup light olive oil, and Kosher salt.


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