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January 26, 2021 by D.Fathia
Updated May 29, 2021

Soaking figs in olive oil: a folk practice has gone viral

  Soaking figs in olive oil: a folk practice has gone viral

“Tin w Zeytoun” is one among man phrases from the holybook that I grew up learning and listening to. It literally translates to figsand olives. The combination of these two fruits drew attention from ancientBedouins before it could even be scientifically studied.

Quran swears by figs and olives, as we have seen inthe verse above. It is hard to question a religious statement regardless of thesource of the religion itself.

Nomads in ancient Arabia traveled the deserts for daysfeeding solely on dried figs. this might seem hard to believe, but it is true.I grew up listening to stories about our great grandfathers and ancestors.

In our Tunisian culture, the elders are fond ofpassing down wisdom through the generations. One such wisdom is the importanceof figs and olives to our health and wellbeing.

Dry figs and olives are both perfect nourishment ontheir own. If combined they transfer to be a true gastronomical wonder.

Fig in olive oil benefits

This ancient medical concoction enjoys the faith ofnumberless adherents. Some archives mention that figs and olive oil or bothcombined have earned the recognition of old civilizations; it predated Islam.So what can be the reasons behind this blind faith?

An ever glowing skin:

Both men and women started to pay much attention totheir skins. Some might go some extra miles in their frenzy search forsolutions for everlasting youth.

One rule to remember, it is not just about thecosmetic products you put on your body, it is about the food you eat. One itemto start with is figs soaked in olive oil.

A combination of vitamin C and vitamin E from figs andolives respectively is perfect to rejuvenate your skin. Vitamin C helps in theproduction of collagen, essential for preserving, nourishing, preventing agingsigns or slowing them, and boosting the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin Efights free radicals and gives the skin an everlasting glow and radiant looks.

Other ways for using these two fruits arepossible. You can simply massage your body with olive oil and mesh figs to geta cheap effective face mask.

Does this blend treat infertility?

Fertility has been at the center of attentionthroughout the ages. One of the folk remedies for this catastrophic issue hasbeen figs and olive oil.

Consuming figs soaked in olive oil regularly can helptreat infertility for both genders. Massive amounts of iron in the figs assistin producing healthy eggs and prevent erectile dysfunction.

It is a definite cure for infertility, but it mightprovide great help and assist in preventing the issue along with othermedications.

Digestion and stomach problems

In a world of fast foods and fast pace of lifeand routines, digestive problems are a common issue between people. If you wishto say goodbye to this matter then you need to incorporate figs and olive oilinto your diet.

Loaded with fiber and antioxidant properties, thecombination has the potential to instantly treat constipation and might alsoinhibit irritable bowel syndrome.

Stomach ache either due to constipation or otherfactors can be treated with figs and olive oil. The combination relieves thestomach and offers instant relaxation.

Other health benefits of figs soaked in olive oil

If you are not a fan of dairy products, vegan, orallergic to dairy items then you need to find an alternative source of calcium.Figs are rich in calcium which makes them excellent food especially forchildren and pregnant women.

Bothe fiber in figs and laxative properties of oliveoil can have positive effects on different conditions including possible weightloss.

Both products have inherent antioxidant propertiesthat help fight free radicals, oxidative stress and maintain good shape andhealth.

Our elders have been using this remedy for treatingasthma, anemia, bronchitis, and possibly high cholesterol.

Both components are good energy sources which makethem the perfect snack or late-night bite for people who crave sugar.

Fig in olive oil recipe:

You can make your own product and stock it for months.The method is very simple. Head to the nearest grocery and buy some dried figsand excellent quality olive oil. If you cannot find these items, you can orderthem from Ebastores, we guarantee the best quality dry figs and premium extravirgin olive oil with delivery to the convenience of your home.

Take an empty jar, put the figs, and then pour incold-pressed olive oil. Leave them for two to three weeks and then enjoy thesavory snack. The longer they remain in the liquid the better they taste andsofter they become.

Some people with a timeless connection to this craftare used to adding a few herbs to the combination for extra aroma and morebenefits. Rosemary and thyme are the two sweethearts of those people. They areusually added to the fig in the olive oil recipe. However, you can discard themif you are not a fan of herbs.

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Susan Davies
August 10, 2022

Will this recipe work with fresh figs? Thank you.


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