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The 10 healthiest nuts and seeds list

  The 10 healthiest nuts and seeds list

Nutritionists advise eating plant based foods rich in healthy fats, which we find especially in various nuts and seeds. Here is a list of the 10 healthiest nuts and seeds available right now.

What is important is that not all nuts and seeds contain the same nutritional value.

Most people can find nuts in specialty stores or online. The options are varied, from pistachios to almonds, for example, and even to mixed nuts. The best ones, of course, are those that do not contain any added sugar or oils of any kind.

The healthiest nuts

1. Walnuts: Nutritionists consider walnuts to be a great source of antioxidants, which means that they help to fight damage caused by free radicals. This is confirmed by Alex Turoff, registered dietitian and personal trainer. He insists that "walnuts are higher in omega-3 fatty acids than any other nut."

2. Pistachios: They improve blood flow because they contain the amino acid Arginine. This means that it is very useful in conditions such as high blood pressure and leg cramps.

The recommended pistachios are those that have a natural-colored, unpainted shell.

3. Peanuts: they are one of the most common types of nuts today because they are an excellent source of niacin and manganese, as well as vitamin E, fiber, phosphorous, copper, folic acid, and magnesium. It is recommended to eat peanut butter in powder form because it contains fewer calories and less fat.

4. Almonds: One serving of 23 almonds contains about 160 calories with 6g of protein and over 3g of fiber.

It can replace peanuts for people who suffer from allergies. Almonds contain 12 vitamins and minerals, most notably riboflavin, vitamin E and manganese. It can be eaten salted or unsalted.

5. Cashew: these nuts are low in sugar and rich in fiber and fat. They are good for heart health and are rich in vegetable proteins. They are also a good source of magnesium, copper and manganese. Nutritionists also confirm that cashew nuts provide immunity to the body and benefit bone health.

The healthiest seeds

1. Quinoa: It is one of the few plant foods that contain a complete protein, and it is a seed rich in all the essential amino acids.

2. Sesame seeds: they are recommended by nutritionists because they contain calcium and magnesium. They are also a good source of iron and omega-6 fatty acids. As for sesame oil, it is great when added to salads and other recipes and even for frying. Sesame can also be found in powder form that can be converted in to a delicious and healthy butter. But keep your consumption within the limits.

3. Cucumber seeds: They are those little seeds inside cucumbers that contain flavonoids and carotenoids, the reason behind their great health benefits.

They help to reduce harmful cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. Nutrients contained in cucumber seed oil help to purify the kidneys and rid the body of bacteria and viruses.

4. Chia seeds: They contain both types of dietary fiber; soluble fibers help reduce cholesterol in the blood and regulate blood sugar, while insoluble fiber is important for the health of the digestive system and helps to prevent constipation. Chia seeds contain several minerals such as manganese, calcium, selenium and magnesium.

5. Flaxseed: One of the most important benefits of flaxseed is its role in weight loss, because it is rich in dietary fiber and contains a low amount of carbohydrates; hence it is famous for weight loss. Flax seeds also contain mucilage, which when soaked with water and eaten helps to fill the stomach, offering a sense of satiety and reducing the amount of food eaten during the day.

It is usually recommended to take it half an hour before a meal, as it will fill the stomach and reduce the amount of food eaten later. But you should pay attention that the body does not benefit from the strong antioxidants it contains when it is taken in the form of seeds, it should rather be consumed as a powder.


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