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This is why you should start dieting today

  This is why you should start dieting today

When we hear the term dieting, we usually immediately think of losing weight and weight control. Well, this is not the whole story! Diets are no so trendy that we hear of a new one before the results of the previous have been even discussed. Health nuts are adhering to different diets and trying multiple methods to achieve their goals.

The frenzy about diets is not only spread among people who want to lose weight; regimens are now addressing several health conditions. Experts have been studying the effects of food on overall health and specific illnesses. Such studies and research have been conducted towards the end goal of identifying the regimens with potentially positive effects on health.

If you are one of these health nuts, like me, join me in this blog post, and let’s discover more about the different diets put out there and which ones are suitable for each individual.

What is dieting?

For years, I used to think that if someone is on a diet that means e is reducing the amount of food he is consuming daily. And that’s the end of the story! To my surprise, I have discovered other perspectives on regimens. True, this concept started to spread among people with weight issues. They follow different instructions and minimize their food intake in an attempt to control their weight.

This was the case until recently. Experts have started paying more attention to the correlation between health, diseases, and daily meals. This has made all the difference and it paved the way for a myriad of diets.

Adhering to regimens is a regulated practice of consuming food in a specific controlled way. All diets focus on and choose only healthy foods. The combination of each regimen, however, differs according to the individual’s specific needs, recommended daily value for each condition, and the nutritional values of foods.

Diets are usually recommended for people with weight-related health issues, people with obesity, and diabetes. It is vital to note that the effect of short-term diets could be easily reversed; that’s why people must adhere to a complimentary healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, the Greek word ‘diaita’ refers to a whole lifestyle that includes both physical and mental health.

Healthy food

Several illnesses people suffer from are the result of food choices and certain lifestyles. The busy routines and speedy pace of life pushed most people to rely on fast foods, on-the-go meals, and packaged snacks.

With the surge of diets and food regulations, there has been more focus and appreciation of healthy food. The first step in championing a healthy lifestyle is to avoid street food, products with much fat, salt, and high on calories.

So, what are the healthy foods that you need to carefully choose? And what are the health offenders that you need to avoid?

Refined sugars and grains are generally advised off the list. Saturated fats and salt are two of the fiercest enemies of the body. You need to stay away from chips and most fast foods as they are usually loaded with fat and salt.

You can substitute these unhealthy options with whole grains, seafood, olive oil instead of margarine and butter, dairy products, and loads of fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes, it is difficult to control one’s desire and giving for a certain dish. Pizza, for example, is irresistible. That’s why, personally, I have been preparing my own pizza at home. If you desire something, you can make it by yourself and change the unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones.

Besides, portion control is always the key to solve many problems. You need to learn to control your food intake not just to lose or control weight but also to avoid indulging in unhealthy food choices. For instance, one small pizza portion doesn’t hurt as much as a whole plate.

Mediterranean diet

One of our favorite diets is the Mediterranean diet. This regimen has been long praised for its significant health benefits. It has been linked to low premature mortality rates and lower rates of diseases. The diet is based around some of the oldest culinary traditions of Mediterranean cuisines.

The best thing about this regimen is that it neither limits the recipes you can use nor predefines the meals or dishes you can eat. You are free to be creative and come up with several plates that suit your appetite and your condition.

The regimen simply defines which foods are healthy and which products need to be given more place in our daily meals. Here is a list of the items you can work with to come up with a suitable plan:

Whole grains like wheat, barley, corn, and oatmeal are essential. Make you use these grains in your meals and sweets. If you are buying a packaged item, make sure it is made with whole grains.

Nuts and seeds are crucial for a complementary diet. Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pistachios are good for your health. You can use these in any recipe you wish or you can simply enjoy a crunchy handful of nuts as a snack.

Fruits and dried fruits are also vital. Dried figs and deglet noor dates hold first ranking in countries on both shores of the sea thanks to their high fiber content and wealth of nutrients. These dry fruits offer significant amounts of necessary nutrients and can help address different health issues. They also make perfect snack substitutes for unhealthy fast foods and packaged goods.

Olive oil, the pride of Mediterranean countries, reigns supreme in this diet. The benefits of extra virgin olive oil are unquestionable. Use this oil instead of solid fats and reap endless benefits for your heart as well as your skin and body.

Spices also make part of this regimen. Harissa paste has been spreading among people for its savory taste and potential benefits. Garlic and chili peppers, the main ingredients of this paste, contain beneficial nutrients.

You might not be a fan of harissa or not familiar with deglet noor dates, but I assure you that if you try them you will regret neither taste nor benefits. Other dieting patterns exist, of course, for people seeking specific results.

The keto diet:

Another regimen that has been gaining much recognition is the ketogenic diet. It is a low-carb and high-fat diet. The basics are reducing carbohydrates intake to the lowest level possible, while the high fat intake will replace the shortage in carbs. This will result in a state of ketosis in which your body will start burning fat for energy.

Studies have shown that this is the perfect diet to lose weight without even having to control your food intake or count your calories. Besides, research has shown that this diet is also excellent for diabetes patients. Dieting indeed helps you maintain excellent health conditions.


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