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Top Five beneficial seeds and nuts oils

Top Five beneficial seeds and nuts oils

Nuts have been consumed by the human race for quite a while. Some of them were discovered, processed, and consumed for thousands of years, prior even to hunting and using animal meat. With this long period, people have come up with interesting different ways of using these tiny tasty fruits.

If you are into cosmetics and beauty products then you must be familiar with the different types of oils extracted from nuts and seeds. Those products are among the top list of most expensive and sought items.

People, who look for natural alternatives to chemical skincare products and the like, often find valuable wealth in those kinds of oils. They are rich in a plethora of nutrients, all of which can be used for various purposes.

Those oils are also excellent kitchen products. Some chefs consider them staples of their pantries and use them in an impressive versatile way.

This article elaborates on the topic and digs deeper into the world of fats seeking the truth about those valuable nuts oils.

Nuts oils:

Nuts are excellent tasty snacks. They are used in the kitchen with both spicy and sweet recipes. However, most people have been missing the fact that almost all nuts can be treated to extract oil. The following is a list of the most beneficial oils.

Pistachio oil:

Pistachio oil is bright green oil that tastes exactly like the nut it is extracted from. It is not perfect for cooking, but it can be and is used in the kitchen for various purposes.

It is drizzled on salads, used with food spreads, mixed in baked goods, and might even be added to certain fruits juice. It adds a distinctive pleasant nutty flavor to your food.

Pistachio oil is rich in vitamin E, containing 19mg per 100g. It also contains 12.7 % of saturated fats, 53.8 % of monounsaturated fats, 32.7 % of linoleic acid, and 0.8 % of omega-3 fatty acid. This rich texture makes it an excellent choice for beauty products and especially skincare creams.

Walnut oil:

Walnuts have been long linked to good brain health and function. The similarity in shapes is so striking that it seems as if a direct correlation does not need any scientific evidence. Nevertheless, research has proved that walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients.

Walnut oil has a low smoke point and that’s why it should not be used in cooking. It can be used, however, in cold dishes such as for drizzling on salads and boosting the natty flavor of desserts.

Seeds oils:

Seeds are a great source of oils. From the tiniest of the seeds to the hardest and biggest, they are all treated to extract beneficial oils thanks to their fat content.

Flaxseeds oil:

Fish are usually the source of omega 3 fatty acids. Seeds oils such as flaxseed oil are rich in alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega 3 fatty acid. It also contains omega 6 fatty acids. These nutrients have been linked to the prevention and ease of several diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and heart illnesses.

Flaxseed oil should not be heated so that it might not lose some of its inherent components. It is better used cold in salads, smoothies, and other cold options.

Sesame seeds are one of my personal top favorite seeds. They are so tiny, yet packed with nutrients and enjoy high nutritional value. Besides, they are so tasty and take any recipes miles beyond expectation.

Sesame seeds:

sesame seeds can be treated to extract oil. Sesame oil is a staple in Asian and Indian cuisines. It is rich in polyunsaturated healthy fats, which makes it heart health-friendly. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, hence plays a vital role in preventing cardiovascular diseases and especially inhibiting fat buildup in the artery walls, the main cause of blood pressure.

This oil has a high smoke point which makes it excellent for cooking or even frying. Next time you head to the market looking for suitable oil for cooking, keep in mind that you will benefit hugely from sesame oil.

I have never thought of grape seeds as if useful for anything because I’m one of the people who hate digesting grape seeds and prefer to throw them. Recently, I found out that these seeds can be used to extract oil.

Grape seeds oil:

Grape seeds oil is high in unsaturated fats. It also has a high smoke point and hence it can be used for cooking safely. Grape seeds oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E. vitamin E is vital for the immune system and plays a great role in fighting free radicals.


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