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Weight loss diets between fantasy and science

 Weight loss diets between fantasy and science

In today’s world, most people are obsessed with weight loss, dieting, and body shape. That’s why fitness clubs and gyms are scattered all around us. Diets have been the trend for the last few years. Obsession with bodily perfectness is the one thing shared by people from different backgrounds; celebrities and ordinary people alike do not diverge from this everlasting wish and sole life goal.

Weight-loss diets are mainstream practices. With so many obsessions over such practices, we must distinguish between what is real and what is not. We need to be aware of the risks of such practices and be self-aware of our own bodies’ limits and needs.

Weight loss diets:

There are several diets out there to follow if you need to lose weight. There are other simpler methods as well, such as fasting, and just reducing how much you consume daily.

Some do work out fine, others just backfire badly. Besides, even if one way works out, it eventually will come to an end, therefore, what is important is how you will behave after a diet.

Low carbohydrates diets have shown some interesting results for many people. The keto diet, for example, which is a low carbohydrate, high-fat regimen, has worked out well for some people, even though it was not designed for weight loss.

Low carbohydrates eating plans focus on reducing sugars and carbohydrates which will automatically make eat fewer calories as you will not feel hungry as constant as you used to.

If you are having hard times adhering to regimens then you might need other methods. Intermitting fasting is one way that has been proved to work excellently. Different versions exist. You can, for instance, choose the 16/8 method. You will be fasting for 16 hours and eating for the remaining 8 hours.

Personally, fasting has worked out perfectly for me, even though I do not need to lose weight. I practice fasting as a religious ritual and I have noticed that after each fasting month I would lose weight.

Try this way out, but make sure you do not compensate by eating too much food during those eight hours.

Plant-based diets have been proved to be effective at assisting in weight loss by different researches. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle that can be your way to control your weight because it eliminates all sources of high carbohydrates.

Flexitarian is a moderate version of vegetarianism. It allows for animal products consumption but in moderation. If you cannot give up animal products entirely, then you can choose this way.

Diets to follow are numerous; they might work with some people while they might not work for others. The bottom line is that not all bodies are the same and they surely react differently to regimens, food consumption, and methods of weight control.

However, sometimes no matter how hard you try you will not achieve your goal. If you cannot lose weight no matter what you do or you fall back to your usual weight soon after you quit a diet, then you must know that your body is sending you signals.

Your body does know what it needs more than you think you do because your body calculates chemical reactions while you calculate people’s reactions based on how you look in the mirror.

There is much-growing research in neurology that suggests that your body has something that functions like a thermostat. If your body needs more food he will let you know, if he doesn’t he will also let you know. This is something you cannot control through diets. Sometimes, you simply need to give up and embrace yourself.

Sirtfood diet:

Hosting Sturdy Night on NBC on October 24, 2020, British singer, Adel opened the show with some funny jokes. The best one ever was this one: " "I know I look really different since you last saw me, but actually because of all the COVID restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and only bring half of me — and this is the half that I chose."

Adel has gone through surprisingly tremendous changes during the last years. Her body shape and light weight are now admired by millions around the world, though we all loved the star in her former shape as well.

Although Adel confirmed nothing herself, there are several reports from different media suggesting that her incredible weight loss is the result of following the sirtfood diet.

The diet was launched by two nutritionists, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, through publishing a recipe book by the same name in 2016. The regimen is somewhat controversial and is questioned especially for results in the long term.

The sirtfood diet simply relies on the consumption of sirtuins, which are a kind of plant-based proteins. Sirtuins help jumpstart the metabolism and possibly reduce inflammation.

The plan seems simple and very efficient; however, doctor and dietician consultation is a must before attempting to adhere to this regimen. Research still needs to be done regarding its effects on the body.

Ongoing practices to stay in shape:

Instead of going through hard times adhering to tough diets, you can choose to be healthy by following some routines and fostering habits that will last a lifetime.

The first step you need to take if you are not already doing it is that you need to do some sports. It doesn’t really matter which sport, football, basketball, tennis, swimming, workouts… etc, what matters is that you have to burn fat and move your muscles.

Do not eat before bed. Make sure that you sleep only after at least two hours after you have eaten because that food wouldn’t be burned and will disturb your stomach and add to your weight.

Limit your sugar and fat consumption. These are not just bad for your weight; they are also bad for your health. Instead, eat more vegetables and fruits for a change. Plan healthy meals for you and your family and avoid fast foods and canned processed food.

If you are not working after lunch and you have nothing to do after dinner as well, then take a walk.

The most important is that you should embrace and love your body and the way you look like. There is no one way of being perfect or beautiful. And definitely, you must ignore what people say; they are not living your life or going through what you are going through. They have no right to judge you and they definitely do not know what is best for you.


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