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Can you trust deglet noor suppliers?

 Can you trust deglet noor suppliers?

My family used to buy dates from the same supplier for years. Recently, as it seems for financial reasons, that farmer sold his oasis. The next year, my family did not order the usual quality from that farm and instead set looking for another source.

That got me curious and when I asked why they said that they needed to make sure of the quality of the dates. But it was the same farm we are used to eating its fruits! Still, that was not enough reason for my family.

The explanation I got was that when buying dates you have to know who you are buying from. Not all deglet noor suppliers are as honest as we suppose.

That’s I am writing this article to let you know what to look for when buying dates, what to avoid, and how to find trustworthy suppliers.

The Tunisian dates and market players:

The peak of the export value of Tunisian dates is usually recorded from December to January. It begins to decline starting from February. This makes perfect sense for people familiar with the harvest season in Tunisia.

Most people prefer to buy fresh dates as soon as they are harvested. Indeed, those are the tastiest fruits you can ever find.

Dates in Tunisia are of multiple varieties, yet the most known one is deglet nour. Tunisia is one of the leading exporters of this variety worldwide. Our farmers have the experience of decades and the craftsman of generations.

In the southern regions of the country where dunes are the main feature, date palm trees are the sole source of life for the inhabitants. Oases are the pillar of the socioeconomic structure of the area.

Tunisia exports more than half of its production, mainly to the European Union. Like with Tunisian olive oil, a significant quantity of Tunisian dates exported to France, for instance, is being re-exported again to other countries.

Deglet noor suppliers:

Most Tunisian suppliers own oases. Known companies, at least locally, such as Horchani and House of Dates are both growers and exporters. Horchani group has a division for organic dates.

Such companies know and control each detail in the process of planting and exporting, all the way through harvesting and processing. With these companies it is either you trust their word backed with hard evidence or you don’t.

For example, if they claim organic products they need to be able to provide certificates proving their claims.

Other companies do not own oases; they rather buy from small farmers and simply process the fruits and package them.

One thing I am sure of is that Tunisian suppliers always preserve the best quality products for export.

South Organic, Medilife, and other nearly sixty registered supplier offer different varieties of dates and various qualities at competitive prices. Alig, khouat alig, Kenta, and bsir are among the different varieties that you can find. Dry, semi-dry, and soft dates are abundant.

Deglet noor suppliers are numerous as this variety accounts for about 75 % of the national date production. You just need to pick a trustworthy supplier.

Ebastores can make life easier for you. This company can search for the best quality dates and have them delivered to your doorsteps. We only deal with credible and authentic suppliers.

Deglet noor USA:

The United States of America has been witnessing steady growth in the production of dates. Deglet nour dates are among the varieties planted in California, home of the agricultural boom.

Nutstop offers a wide range of dates. You can browse their catalogs and place an order online.

Other online stores can be found, but if you want to check the product before buying, then you can go to Walmart and check their varied collection of fruits. Walmart offers different varieties from different origins.

You will be able to find dry and soft dates from Tunisia, Algeria, Middle East, and from local producers in California. Drive to the nearest store and enjoy a walk through luring, seductive, mouthwatering varieties of fruits.

Amazon also offers a plethora of products that you can check from the comfort of your sofa.

One more option to buy dates is to visit farmers' markets. There you would find fresh dates directly from the oasis.

Deglet noor USA producers also offer the option of organic dates which would be USDA certified. these organic varieties are the best o consume.

Tips on how to buy dates:

If you are buying deglet noor dates for the first time or you are encountering a new supplier, here is what you need to pay attention to:

First of all, you need to buy dates just as soon as the season starts. Fresh dates are always better. If you buy in February or March, for example, you will be buying cold-stored dates. This variety of dates is so delicate that it goes bad quickly. That’s why; the surplus of production is cold stored so that it does not deteriorate.

Another reason for cold storing is that Muslim people consume deglet nour dates during the month of Ramadan. Cold storage allows people to enjoy these sweet translucent dates to break their fasting because of the time difference between Ramadan and the harvest season.

If you have no other choice but to buy cold-stored dates then make sure you consume it quickly because as soon as it leaves the warehouse it will deteriorate fast.

Second, when you buy dates make sure you order them with branches. Dates are very sensitive to air; once they are exposed and the air gets inside it is only a matter of time before they deteriorate.

Buying them on a branch means that that tiny cover on top of the date connected to the kernel is still intact. That’s the one thing keeping air out and preserving the date.

If you couldn’t find dates with on branches, then pay attention to whether or not that small cover has been removed.

To buy excellent dates try to buy directly from small farmers and check the fruits before making a purchase. If you are ordering online, then try to order a small sample at first to test the quality of the product.

The bottom line, deglet noor suppliers are too many to count. However, they might not all offer excellent quality dates. Tunisian dates are globally famous and indeed are of premium quality but scammers have invaded the market and you might come across poor quality fruits or get tricked.

Ebastores have scrutinized the market for a while and we can now gladly confirm that we have been able to pinpoint trustworthy suppliers to deal with. We care about our customers and we pledge to offer only premium quality products. Ebastores is all about building connections and loyal communities and not about making profits.


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