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Go for a hike and enjoy the queen of dates right from the source

 Go for a hike and enjoy the queen of dates right from the source

You are a backpacker? Someone who loves hiking? Are you passionate about nature? I have just the perfect place for you to hike. Forget about the trails of the American west, the high peaks, the multiple lakes, and tributaries. The place I have in mind for you is virgin, trodden only by those who cherish its value, and is definitely worth the hype.

Well, if you are planning to go on a hike or if you are just tired of the same routines and same boring trips, then join me to find out more about what you can do on your next vacation while you enjoy the sweetness of the queen of dates.

One outstanding spot for hiking:

Imagine a place of total quietness and silence. Calmness is the sound of happiness in this place. When you get too deep you might lose sight of all living creatures, except for distant shadows of water and green colossal trees; besides some cute wild animals might accompany you during your journey.

The Tunisian south, a place of huge deserts, is one place that most hikers would love. Here, you can find whatever you are looking for and much more than your expectations. The landscapes are varied; rocky mountains, green meadows, dunes, oases, and springs combine to form a picturesque breathtaking landscape.

Tozeur, Nefta, Chebika, Tamerza, and Midès are home to fascinating canyons, splendid waterfalls, and green palm oases. The old towns stand in watch like ghost towns abandoned years ago. Now they are witness to the everlasting magic of the place. The narrow pathways, the high ruins, and the empty domes are evidence of a past thriving and joyful life, filled with spirituality.

On the way, you can stop by the star wars shooting site. Wander around the still-standing extraterrestrial buildings and relive the exciting events of a defining movie in international cinema.

Peace of mind and healthy food:

The deserts are definitely the quietest place you might wish for. Hiking the Tunisian south is a chance to be alone, clear your mind, and organize your thoughts. You can try meditation. Sit down and feel the softness and coldness of the sand beneath you, inhale clean air, close your eyes, embrace the echoes of beauty and holiness around you, and delve into your deeper self.

The relief you will feel after such an experience is beyond description. Introverts might understand very well what I am describing. The joy of finding a sanctuary from the outside noise and the ability to sit down with yourself and unite with the surroundings is truly transcendental.

Camping the night in the middle of nowhere surrounded by lofty palm trees, refreshing breeze, and friendly darkness is a sublime experience to go for. Light a fire and listen to the music of the surroundings; the rustling of branches, the distant howling of animals, the quiet whistling of birds, the hooting of owls, and the sound of your breath would join together to form a universal symphony of love and holiness.

Do not underestimate the impact of such an environment on your psyche. You will definitely feel like a transformed human being once you leave this sanctuary.

If you like you can spend as many days as you can in the middle of this heaven. A tent is enough to shelter you, while water and food are available at the reach of your hand. Water is usually abundant around oases, either in the form of springs or wells. Deglet noor dates, the locus of these oases, is the healthiest food you can eat.

Healthy food is not just sophisticated options that empty our pockets. The ancient ones have been relying on dates for their year-round food stocks. Once you are in the lands of date palm trees, you can have your stomach filled with sweet tasty deglet noor dates, which is the type most commonly cultivated in the Tunisian oases.

Labeled the queen of dates these dates live up to their name. These dates’ nutrition facts per 100 grams are very impressive. This handful of deglet noor provides 277Calories, 75 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of fiber, 20 % of the daily value of protein, 12 % of magnesium, 18 % of copper, 15 % of manganese, 5 % of iron, and 12 % of vitamin B6.

I am confident that deglet noor dates nutrition facts, 100 g, are sufficient to keep you full for a long time. You don’t really need much other food when you have this treasure at hand. So sit back, reap the benefits of the queen of dates, and enjoy a peaceful night engulfed by silence and loving nature.

Hiking the deserts and date palm oases is not just walking through sand dunes and green landmarks in the middle of nowhere; it is a journey towards inner peace, towards the pure depths of the soul, and towards the transcendental self. It is hiking towards higher existence.


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