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January 16, 2021 by D.Fathia
Updated January 16, 2021

Dry dates importers in India

 Dry dates importers in India

Dates, the ultimate food option for people around the world, are extremely precious and cannot be easily found. Well, there might be hundreds of date traders, suppliers, and planters, but the art of handling these fruits is not accessible to everyone.

Like any other thing in life, dates have to be handled carefully, rightfully, and passionately to obtain satisfying results.

If you are looking for dry dates to buy either for your personal use or retailing, you need to pay attention to your suppliers’ origins, date quality, and how they approach this business.

The Indian market is among the leading importers of dry dates in the world. With such a booming market and growing demand for this product, perhaps we must go through the list of dry dates’ importers in India.

Few facts to consider


This agricultural sector has not been historically part of the Indian culture. However, exceptions spread across the subcontinent.

India, a tropical country, does not offer the best climate for date palms plantation. The monsoon usually hits at the same time dates begin to ripen. The few farmers, who make a living out of this, have to watch their crops rotten as they lack the necessary technology to deal with them, and preserve them.

Farmers also complain of expensive saplings and lack of government interference. Lack of support and challenging climatic conditions restricted the cultivation of palm in India. Nevertheless, a few regions have accomplished important steps on the road to success.

Gujarat, stretching on the western coast, governs the sector as the biggest grower. On the south, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have their share of the groves. Rajasthan and Maharashtra have also embarked on a journey to cultivate date palms.


Indians refer to the soft and dry dates as follows: Khajur and Kharek respectively. Both varieties have their place on breakfast and dining tables, yet the dry variety is more cherished since it lasts for longer periods and can be preserved for later use.

The demand for dry and fresh dates has been rising significantly. Local consumption of dates might differ from culinary practices of Middle Eastern and North African countries’ styles but it is tremendously widespread regardless of castes and religions.

Christian and Muslim Indians account for the lion’s share of dry dates; cultural and religious considerations affect their behaviors and eating habits.

Other sections of society have been also affected by the sweetness and mouthwatering taste of dates. Thanks to their essential health benefits, doctors and dieticians have been recommending the consumption of dates.

This enormously growing demand for dates could not be met by local harvests. Imports have been rising to meet the ever-growing demand.

The Indian market: importers and sourcing countries

Source countries:

Pakistan: India imports 46 % of its dates from Pakistan. The reasons are simple, geographical proximity, and loose trade regulations. Aseel dates are the most famous type of dates exported from Pakistan towards the neighboring borders.

Iraq: 30 % of dates are imported from Iraq.

The remaining percentage includes shares fromIran,Oman, and theUAE.

Only 4 % of the overall imported dates are sourced from others such as North African countries. Distances and little to no knowledge of the respective markets might be the main reason behind the shortage of trade deals between the two areas.

Tunisiafosters significant date’s production. It cultivates about 200 palm species; the most hailed variety is that of deglet noor dates. This type is distinguished by its translucent color, super-sweet taste, and soft texture. It is cultivated in Tunisia and Algeria. Tunisia with its extraordinary unique variety of dates can be a lucrative market for dry date importers in India.

Market and Consumer behavior

India accounts for 18 % of the global imports of dates. However, this business is more or less unpredictable across the country. Because they have a shallow understanding of the different kinds of dates and their culinary uses, the Indian consumers’ behaviors shift unexpectedly.

Personals interested in the field, farmers, wholesalers, and importers, usually agree that the trade and consumption of dates are seasonal. The high importance of dates among the Muslim community leads to significant demand during Ramadan and consequent high imports.

Other festivals have been igniting the imports of dates as people started to include these fruits in their gift baskets.

Dry dates importers in India

  • Gajanand And Company
  • Ms. Gajanand Corporation
  • Asian Trading Corporation
  • Krishan Dayal Trading Corporation
  • Hindustan Trading Corporation

These five corporations dominate the dry dates’ market in India. However, other independent buyers and retailers are spread across the country.

Dry dates’ importers in India might seem to be benefiting from a lucrative product scarce in their country, yet the truth is they do suffer from a few hindrances. The harvest and yield of dates in both the Middle East and North Africa, to a lesser degree, affect the prices and distribution of this item in India.

Competition in the sector, caused by the Open General License, along with online platforms and brand new marketing techniques has been pushing the profit margins for importers.

The Indian market is an ever-growing opportunity for persons interested in the field. Dry dates importers in India might not be exactly listed, but they are growing in number every day.


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