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Harissa for sale near me? How can I order harissa?

    Harissa for sale near me? How can I order harissa?

How do I find harissa near me?

If you are a new fan of spicy food, you should be patient, read the following lines carefully and take your card out from your wallet to order your Harissa paste or spice as soon as possible. Have you ever heard about harissa? Harissa for sale near me? Would it be possible to receive it at home?

If you like to travel to the Mediterranean regions and taste its spicy flavor, Harissa would take you on a short voyage to new lands you have never dreamt of before.

If you are still hesitant to try this marvelous spice, gather your courage, give it a try and we assure you that you will become a harissa addict. Harissa is near you.

Dear reader,

Kindly allow us to give you a short definition of Harissa. The more you read about it, the more you feel encouraged to give it a try.

Harissa became the World’s latest discovery in the Mediterranean and Persian cuisines. Traditionally, Harissa is associated mainly with the Northern African countries. Tunisia is a leader in this spicy blend. The name of harissa is borrowed from the Arabic word “harassa”. It means to smash or to pound into small pieces. Many historians have affirmed that chilies were first brought to Africa after the Spanish occupation of Tunisia in 1535-74. Harissa has hundreds of uses and various health benefits.

Harissa was traditionally made with red chili peppers that are either roasted or dried, garlic, salt, coriander, cumin, lemon juice, and olive oil, though recipes vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. As mentioned above, Tunisia is the first to discover this peppery blend by adding its marvelous Mediterranean flavor. What makes our Tunisian Harissa unique is its traditional recipe borrowed from our ancestors. Tunisia has the perfect climate to grow the capsicum peppers and thus making harissa yummier and more unique. “Harissa for sale near me” could be very possible if you are willing to discover the blissful taste of the Mediterranean spicy flavor. Are you eager to learn more? You should continue reading our detailed guidelines to happily get convinced about ordering our Harissa blend.

Wait a minute, Harissa for sale near me? Is Harissa a cure for Covid-19?

This could be misleading or unsure. Many Tunisians thought that they succeeded to combat this deadly virus thanks to Harissa. It sounds funny to believe in this; but yes, many Tunisian farmers strongly believe in this joke. They think that our Tunisian cuisine is the key to defend our immune system. Surprisingly enough, many Scientists have started to analyze things to clearly understand the secrets behind the Tunisians’ immune system.

The Tunisian spices seem to be the richest. Thanks to the Mediterranean weather, blends and spices have become very aromatic and recently have gained international attention. Accordingly, Harissa can help you to get a strong immune system. We, Tunisians are accustomed to eating spicy food. This may explain the above joke. We never know, many jokes turn out to be a scientific discovery. My advice is to add this paste/ spice into your daily served food, give it a try, and you won't regret it.

How Can I buy Harissa? Harissa for sale near me.

If you are a Tunisian or residing in North Africa, you can easily get your Harissa. All you need is to go to the nearest grocery shop, supermarket or Souk and buy it. Never mind, even if you are living in any country around the globe, we will take care of your shipment and you will receive your Harissa paste/spice.

Let us take you around and discover with us the most famous branded Harissa pastes.

  • Carthage food
  • Jouda
  • Sicam
  • Sticap
  • Sodaco

Why Tunisia?

Harissa for sale near me is very possible if you are planning to travel to Tunisia. If not, never mind, we will assist you to get your Tunisian harissa to your doorstep. You are new to this spicy paste? Then we advise you to taste it from its mother country, the land of Harissa. Tunisian spices are always the best handpicked. It is made with love and passion to magically take you to our Tunisian shores. The Tunisian spicy harissa is a unique blend gifted to you. Scroll down to know what we are talking about.

Simple ingredients yet healthy and natural:Harissa’s main ingredients are sun-dried, handpicked and natural red peppers, garlic, spices, and salt drown in extra-virgin olive oil.

Benefits:the main ingredient is peppers. They are rich in Vitamin E, C, K, B6, iron, manganese, and copper.

Natural and Authentic:Our Harissa paste is taken from the Northern African and Middle Eastern cuisines. Its flavor is unique and irresistible.

Flavor explosion: It is a must add-in to eggs, rice, couscous, steamed vegetable, sandwiches, pasta, poultry, and seafood. You can also make dips, stews, and soups. If you want to make a Tunisian sandwich, mix Harissa paste with olive and make your yummy Tunisian Harissa sandwich. Add a teaspoonful to the base of your favorite dish, dilute with olive oil to spread on bread. Here is your ready-made Spicy Nutella.

Have you been to Tunisia? The answer might be No more probably. If you never heard about this tiny Mediterranean country, all you need is to just google it. Ironically, the first thing to welcome you is Harissa. This chili paste is linked to the culture and cuisine of Tunisians. Harissa is for sale near me and you if you gather your courage and visit us. Tourists like to try Harissa because it is something very unique and irresistible. Still waiting, Welcome to Tunisia.


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