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Home grocery delivery

 Home grocery delivery

Waking up early in the morning, preparing breakfast, sending kids to school, going to work, and at the end of the day coming back home to prepare dinner but you forgot that don’t have grocery? Feeling too tired to head back to the supermarket and shop for dinner? How many times does this happen to each one of us weekly?

When faced with such a situation don’t we all get lazy and decide to just order pizza for dinner? Though it’s been a hard time, the ongoing pandemic introduced me to a life-changing service. How about instead of ordering pizza you order home grocery delivery? It is a service that can save your dinner at the last minute; a service that stops you from continuingly feeding your family fast foods. Join me to find out more about the dynamics of this miracle-like service.

Shopping from the convenience of your home:

As we have been saying home shopping and home delivery service is a time-saving solution. During these times of social distancing and isolation, home delivery means less contact with people and fewer risks of getting infected.

In the long term, however, home delivery seems to be a thriving service. People liked the comfort of shopping from the convenience of their homes, avoiding crowded places, and saving effort. That’s why the surge of home shopping and related home grocery delivery service seems to be growing even much more than expected. And though lockdowns and restrictions on movement are being loosened, these services are still thriving.

To scrutinize the features of this home delivery option, we are going to focus on one of the largest grocery delivery services in the United States. Instacart is a delivery app that partners with most supermarkets, pharmacies, specialty shops, and grocery stores in America. The platform has witnessed 300 % growth in just one year due to the covid 19 pandemic.

How does Insatcart work? The company allows customers to use a mobile app or their website to shop for a virtual shopping cart that will later be fulfilled by a personal shopper. Instacart offers a five hours delivery window. And customers have an option to order in advance for delivery on a different day. Personal shoppers will deliver your purchase using their own cars.

The app allows for real-time interaction; for example, if an item you chose is out of stock, your personal shopper will notify you. Then, you can both work together to find a replacement.

Instacart provides membership options. Instacart Express, for example, costs 99 dollars annually, and 9.99 dollars monthly. If you do no sign a membership option you still can use the app, however, this would usually result in higher costs.

Instacart is one of the biggest grocery delivery apps in the United States. It allows customers to shop from 40.000 stores in America and Canada, with about 500 million products available.

Recently, they have added new features: Fast and Flexible, and Order Ahead. The first new feature is meant to speed up shopping windows on the basis of availability. If you have a family member at home, then this feature will work great for you.

The LEAVE AT MY DOOR option is also a perfect solution to fit with social distancing and the pandemic protocols.

Grocery store coupons

Grocery store coupons are the same as cash. And even though the process of turning coupons into money is long and can be tiring, coupons are still being used thanks to their huge popularity. Coupons used to found in magazines and newspapers. Now they have gone digital. Ibotta, Checkout 51, SnipSnap,, Rakuten, SavingStar, Coupon Sherpa are but a few free grocery store coupons apps that you can use to save some money.

Grocery store pickup service:

Grocery store pick-up is a shopping solution that has been around for a while. Due to the pandemic, it witnessed rising adherents. It allows people to shop online, choose their desired items away from the crowded in-store shopping areas, and then order a curbside pickup service.

Grocery store pickup service is usually more suitable for people on tight schedules who wish to shop on their way home, for instance. You can shop ahead, when still in the office, and while you drive home you pass by and grab your purchase.

The bottom line, both grocery store pickup service and home grocery delivery are life-saving solutions for convenient shopping.


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