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oppolia e-commerce llc colorado

oppolia e-commerce llc colorado

oppolia e-commerce llc is an American company based in Denver Colorado, USA. It is part of the furniture and textile industry in the region. It is a small company with no more than 15 workers.

Oppolia was founded in 2021 by Ming Liu. Despite its recent establishment, it has achieved a very respectable turnover of almost half a million dollars, according to what is mentioned on the DNB website, a directory of companies that helps them to improve their business performance.

E-commerce in the United States of America

The e-commerce industry has grown significantly in the last few years, and this has been contributed by the technological development, which has allowed anyone in the world to buy what they want with a click, without having to go to the actual website of the brands.

Companies can also now use IoT solutions to collect data faster and respond to customers in real time, helping to fuel the growth of an industry for which China is the largest market.

The United States of America comes in second place, with annual online sales of $340 billion, and e-commerce accounts for 7.5% of total retail sales, and some of the best-known US e-commerce sites include Amazon and eBay.

About oppolia e-commerce llc

We couldn't find out the company oppolia e-commerce llc's short and long term goals because it is not available on the internet, and we will update this article as soon as we get it.


The DNB website offers the service of contacting the company's agent, Ming Liu, directly by phone or e-mail.

postal address

3801 E Florida Ave Denver, CO, 80210-2571 United States

Best E-Commerce Companies in Colorado

Colorado e-commerce companies are trying to break into a crowded market with a lot of competition. It is similar to the oppolia e-commerce company, diversified in its areas of work, and starts with selling snacks and nuts, to selling real estate and cars.

Large and well-known companies such as Amazon, Wix and Honey occupy the largest part of the online sales market, which restricts the start-up and small business.


The company helps to compare food vendors to make it easier for consumers to choose.

Cultivate Premium Corporate Gifts

The service of sending gifts online to friends and people you love at any time. Gifts arrive in their e-mail in a fast and professional manner.

Commerce Sync

Solution for automating the transfer of a business activity to QuickBooks and Xero versions. This will save considerable time and money for customers.


An easy-to-use enterprise software solution that enables smooth B2B e-commerce for bulk materials. The company's website provides suppliers, carriers and product consumers with a convenient, industry-specific solution to manage their diverse business operations. The platform is seamless to use, secure, and provides services to simplify complex e-commerce between businesses, from quoting to delivery to invoicing.

B2B e-commerce

A recent study confirms that B2B companies are new to the adoption of e-commerce. In the United States of America, the sales of this type of companies do not exceed 10% of their total sales via the Internet.

With the spread of the pandemic, B2B companies have been forced to develop their working methods and keep pace by creating electronic portals that offer greater services to customers, especially new ones. The recent study indicates that these companies could not easily abandon their old methods adopted long ago, and that is normal.

B2B companies need a few years to be able to make the necessary changes to their administrative and executive structures to keep pace with the rapid development of Internet commerce technology. But this change is necessary and decisive in the face of intensifying competition and the bias of customers towards those who provide the most services as quickly as possible.

Businesses often buy goods in bulk to obtain a lower price and then resell them at retail price, and these businesses typically buy what they need directly from the manufacturer or distributors. This form of B2B, called wholesaling, can also be described as selling goods to other businesses.

Wholesale B2B models exist in many industries, including retail, food service, construction and healthcare, among others. Traditionally, wholesale B2B transactions have been conducted over the phone, via email or through spreadsheet order forms.

With wholesale e-commerce, everything is digital through a B2B e-commerce platform. The platform allows the wholesaler to display products more easily and create a seamless shopping experience.


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