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Tips for a perfect olive oil shopping experience

 Tips for a perfect olive oil shopping experience

Olive oil shopping is not an easy task as you might imagine. This precious golden liquid can be found in different brands, all of which are offering different qualities.

Faced with different brands, packages, designs, colors, and sizes, I bet you will be bewildered and confused about what to choose and which is better.

I was in your shoes years ago. I was so confused asking questions like: does Amazon sell olive oil? Which brand is the best? How much does a bottle cost? What varieties are available on the market? And a bunch of other questions followed.

If you are planning to buy quality oil, especially that the season is about to start, join us to find out more about the dynamics of this sector what you need to pay attention to, and what to avoid when buying.

Is there any olive oil shop near me?

Shopping is an activity that most people love doing, but others hate the hustle and bustle of shopping centers and markets. I am one of those latter people who would rather spend an hour crushing on comfortable sofas than running from store to store picking goods.

Unfortunately, for people who live on their own, like me, or others who happen to be from a family that hates shopping, we still need to go out and buy stuff.

Luckily, the internet has made everything much easier for us. Online shopping is a life savior and a solution for people like us.

It is easy to check online stores, browse through their products list and descriptions, and place an order and wait for it to be delivered to your home.

Lately, I was searching for an olive oil shop near me because I prefer to consume locally and I came across a significant number of companies.

Tunisian olive oil is of premium quality and is recognized globally. The sector combines the wisdom of the ancestors, the love and belonging of inhabitants, the know-how of generations, and the craftsmen of experts.

Tunisian oil is being imported from countries such as Italy and Spain and packaged for foreign brands. Most consumers are not aware of this, unfortunately. If you want a chance to truly taste Tunisian oil and be the judge of its quality, here are several Tunisian companies that you can check:

Ebastores sources the best products and delivers them to your doorsteps no matter where you are located. The company abides by consumers’ wishes and adapts to their demands. This means that it can provide customized orders as per your demand. Whether concerning quality, packaging, quantity, or even the variety of olives used in the extraction, this company can provide whatever you are looking for.

Olivko is a Tunisian award-winning company. It offers organic oil, with certificates and proofs. Their black bottles are stylish and luring as well.

Olive Oil Lovers is a United States-based company that sources oil from the best producers from around the world. Relying on passion and personal experiences, this company divides oil qualities and serves each variety what it deserves. You can rely on them to educate you and connect you to experienced reliable producers.

Of course, you can always search on your own. Just google olive oil shop near me and you will get notified about plenty of options. Choose wisely.

General tips:

If you decided to test your luck and see how you would do on your own going for olive oil shopping, here are some tips to consider:

First of all, don’t let the designs deceive you. If you happen to be someone with an artistic vision and a brain hardwired for beauty, then there is a big chance that you will be bewildered by extravagant designs and seductive colors. Don’t worry; it would make two of us.

So, your initiation tip is to go beyond luring packages and attractive promotion logos. You might find excellent quality olive oil in a plastic bottle, and you might find poor quality oil packed in carefully handcrafted glass bottles packed in wooden boxes.

Second, if you are not buying oil from its origin, then try to look for plastic bottles because they are cheaper. As someone who has been in the marketing sector for a while, I can tell you confidently that most of the money you are paying is for the bottle and not for the product inside.

Shipping prices differ for each packaging type because certain materials need extra attention exporting them. At the end of the day, you will throw the bottle into the trash once the oil is over, so don’t waste your money with it. Buy a plastic bottle for a cheaper price while enjoying the same good quality.

Search for the brand before you buy. At least you will be able to know where your oil is coming from. Check their website and look for reviews. Figure out whether the brand is trustworthy or not. Uncover the truth of their product all the way deeper than the surface of their marketing campaigns and advertising promises.

Essential criteria:

Shopping is usually a tiresome endeavor. To make things easier for you, I will be listing below some criteria to look for when buying oil.

Color of bottle:oil is sensitive to light. The darker the bottle the better the quality of the oil as all inherent nutrients would be preserved.

Year of production: or the harvest date is essential to judge the quality of olive oil. Like any other product, it has a shelf life and though it might still be edible after that, the characteristics change and so the nutritional value. Look for recent harvest dates, ideally the present year or a year earlier.

Origin of production: the origin can be essential in defining the quality as well. Make sure you know where your oil comes from and do not get deceived by “packed in…” that’s not the production origin.

If you are buying unpackaged oil, then you can also check the color of the liquid itself. The darker the color the better the quality will be. You can also taste it and smell it, but these characteristics need an expert to handle. For now, settle for the obvious and you will end up with good quality golden treasure.


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