Frankincense and Frankincense Oil

Frankincense, otherwise known as olibanum, has been one of the most cherished items in most eastern countries for centuries. Wondering why? Olibanum is not just a resin; its aromatic properties make it a promising drug!

Ebastores Corporation can provide excellent quality olibanum and medium quality as well. The second might have a few foreign matters. It can be packed as per the client’s requests.

Frankincense oil is a precious liquid with distinguished properties and benefits. It comes in small glass bottles of a few milliliters.

Harvesting olibanum
Harvesting olibanum

Why would use frankincense and its oil?

Olibanum and its oil are both worth a shot. They are harmless to use and may result in an abundance of benefits. Use the oil for your skin and even out the tone, get a fresh glow, and reduce age spots.

Olibanum is a good substitute for processed gums. Chew it and let go of other harmful products. Chewing this resin is said to help people avoid smoking. The best thing is that you can find varieties with a bitter and sweet or neutral taste.

Most Arab countries use it either for chewing or burning with myrrh and other items. Chewing frankincense is believed to be a good treatment in folk medicine.

Therapeutic and pharmaceutical uses of olibanum are growing in importance daily around the world.

Good quality olibanum
Good quality olibanum

Are there any benefits to frankincense?

The secret of burning olibanum has been finally revealed in a study published in the journal of The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. It stated that chemicals found in frankincense can enhance moods.

Incensole acetate, a component of the Boswellia tree, can activate channels in the brain which leads to alleviating anxiety…etc.

Antidepressants can now be safer than ever! Frankincense brings peace and relaxation.

This resin is anti-inflammatory. It might help reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Frankincense also possesses antibacterial properties, which can help maintain excellent oral health and prevent gum diseases and other infections. Chewing olibanum can be very rewarding.

Most important, this boswellic treasure might be very effective in fighting, or at least, preventing the spread of cancer cells and relieving the symptoms.

Shelf life and usage:

Frankincense is of various uses. It can be chewed or burnt. Burning olibanum might bring peace of mind and make you relax. It can be good for preparing a soothing environment. You can burn it with myrrh; these were used for spiritual healing and cleansing.

Frankincense oil can be diluted with carrier oils and used on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can heal minor wounds.

Olibanum's shelf life ranges from one to two years. The oil can last for the same period as well.

Burning frankincense
Burning frankincense

Shipment and payment terms:

Once you make a purchase, you can pay via a letter of credit, a bank transfer, or western union.

We can ship your orders to your precise destination by air freight or sea freight. Small purchases can be sent by postal services.


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