Tunisian harissa paste

The Tunisian pride, harissa is the most versatile condiment in the market! Harissa paste has been perfected over the years. Weaved into the DNA of people, harissa is essential in Tunisian lives and cuisines.

Harissa paste can be sizzling, but it can also be made mild to suit different tastes. It might be classified as a condiment, yet it is more than that. It is a pillar of North African cuisines, the culinary heritage of Tunisians, and an essential ingredient in a plethora of recipes!

It comes in tubes and can be very easy to use. Canned harissa paste lasts for up to one year and comes in different sizes, from the family suited size to the smallest 140 grams can.

The homemade version is far more delicious and mouthwatering. It is hand-made with handpicked chilies and carefully ground spices.

Different varieties of harissa paste
Different varieties of harissa paste

Why should you consume harissa?

Harissa paste is the number one spice used in Tunisia and other North African countries. Surprisingly, this condiment has earned global recognition and is favored by many people around the world. It is the perfect alternative to other hot spices, only an upgraded version!

Why would people favor it? It is a sweetheart because it can be sizzling, but can also be found in mild flavors. All tastes can find what fits them best among the varieties of this condiment.

Harissa enhances the flavor of bland foods and is hence perfect for people not consuming salt or other spices. It is also made of organic ingredients, which is all the more perfect for health.

Why Harissa spice is a must?

Harissa is not the ultimate healthy food, but it definitely contains a few nutrients that make it a necessity.

Ingredients such as caraway seeds, cumin, coriander, and garlic offer important antioxidants that protect against free radicals.

The paste also provides a few vitamins and proteins, but the most significant component in this sauce is capsaicin!

Capsaicin is the pillar component of chili peppers. Capsaicin boosts metabolism by around 8 %, which means you will burn more calories. People wishing to lose weight: doesn't this appeal to you?

Capsaicin also helps in lowering blood pressure and protecting against inflammation.

Harissa ingredients
Harissa ingredients

Shelf life and usage:

Canned harissa contains the expiration date on the box; it usually ranges from six months to one year. Once opened, however, it should be stored in the fridge and consumed within six weeks.

Homemade harissa can last for a year as well if stored properly in air-tight containers. Once opened must be kept in the fridge too.

Harissa can be used in marinades, soups, pasta, sandwiches, pizza, with grilled chicken or fish. It can be the perfect addition to barbeques. The bottom line, it goes well with any recipe that needs a bit of chili.

Homemade harissa for all recipes
Homemade harissa for all recipes

Shipment options and payment terms:

Harissa is an easy product to ship around the world thanks to its packaging. We offer air freight, sea freight, and postal services for different quantities of orders.

Our clients can make the choice between using western union, bank transfer, or letter of credits for paying.


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