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Almond fruits are the top healthiest fruits to consume. They are one of the most appreciated, praised, and looked for fruits. That’s why Ebastores Corporation offers you excellent quality almonds, both salted and unsalted.

United States, India, Germany, Spain, and Italy are the biggest almond-consuming countries, though most of them are not producers or produce small amounts that do not cover domestic needs. Most countries import Californian almonds from the United States. Tunisian almonds are also of the same quality.

If you are looking for shelled almonds they are also available. Almonds are of the highest quality and nutritional value and that’s why they are favored.

Almond nuts are rich in fiber, monounsaturated fats, magnesium, manganese, vitamin E, and proteins. They are an excellent plant-based protein alternative for vegetarians.

Almonds are loaded with oxidative damage fighting antioxidants. The significant amounts of vitamin E in almonds make it vital for lowering heart diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer's risks, as a few studies have suggested.

These highly nutritious nuts are quite versatile. They can be made into milk, an excellent alternative for animal milk. They can be used in all baked goods, smoothies, yogurt, granolas, trail mixes…etc.

Unsalted almonds have a shelf life of two years; however, salted almonds can only last for up to one year if stored properly. Salted nuts need to be stored in air-tight containers to stay crunchy.

Tunisian almonds
Tunisian almonds


Tunisian cuisine considers pistachios a pillar of cooking. It is the most used nut in cakes, baked goods, and all sweet recipes. Tunisian production of pistachio comes next in volume after almonds. With growing production, it has huge potentials in global markets for its good quality.

Pistachios are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and potassium, both of which possess excellent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Pistachios have been proved to have the potential to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Turkey, the United States, Iran, and China are the top consumers of these nuts. These countries are also the world’s largest producers of pistachios, along with Syria, Italy, Greece, and Afghanistan.

Pistachios are an amazing nut to add to your salads, granolas, or any recipe you like. They are snacks on their own as well.

If properly stored, both salted and unsalted pistachios can last for a year. They, however, have a shelf life of more than one year; the one-year period is determined to conserve the best quality trait.


The kidney-shaped nuts are a treasure to cherish. Ebastores Corporation sources the best quality cashews of African origin.

Why should you consume cashews? They are a powerhouse of a plethora of nutrients. A small amount of these nuts provides significant amounts of selenium, thiamine, vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron, and phosphorous.

Cashews are also an excellent source of plant-based unsaturated fats and proteins. These nuts have been praised for assisting in weight loss, heart health, and blood sugar control.

They are also rich in copper, which is essential for brain development, immune system, and energy production.

Magnesium and manganese are vital for bone development, while polyphenols and carotenoids are two powerful oxidation fighting antioxidants.

Though India, the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands are the top cashew-consuming countries, these nuts are one of the favorite dry fruits worldwide. They make delicious snacks, be it salted or unsalted. They can also be a great addition to any dish you choose.

The shelf life for cashews ranges from one month to six months, be it salted or unsalted. If packed properly, they will last for six months, but once the package is opened, they should be consumed within one month. They might still be edible after that time, but they will lose their crunchiness and might go rancid.

Black sunflower seeds:

The one thing that is better than cracking a nut is nibbling sunflower seeds. Black salted sunflower seeds are great for a movie night instead of popcorn or beverages. They will keep your hands occupied and your stomach full.

Black sunflower seeds have a rich nutritional profile. They are loaded with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, protein, folate, niacin, vitamin E and B6, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and selenium.

They have antioxidant properties and hence fight against oxidative damage and protect against several chronic diseases.

Magnesium helps lower blood pressure, while linoleic acid helps the blood vessels to relax and thus prevent strokes.

A few studies have revealed that chlorogenic acid in sunflower seeds might be responsible for lowering blood sugar levels.

Black sunflower seeds are an excellent addition to bread, energy bars, and a lot of other recipes if you want to be creative.

They have a shelf life of twelve months if packaged properly. They need to stay sealed perfectly to prevent damage caused by air. Peeled sunflower seeds need to be consumed quickly or stored in airtight containers or bags.

Salted black sunflower seeds
Salted black sunflower seeds

Shipment and payment terms:

Nuts are easy to transport. We offer air freight and sea freight services. Postal services for small quantities can be used.

Paying for your purchases can be done by a letter of credit, a bank transfer, or western union services.


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