Tunisian wheat couscous

Couscous, the rolled durum wheat semolina, is a staple ingredient to keep at hand.

Looking for whole grains for better health? Bored of the usual grain options you have? Looking for something new to impress your guests and fine-tune your dinner table? How about wheat for a change?

Couscous is one of the oldest North African recipes that have been perfected throughout the years.It is a versatile grain that can be used in sweets and many other dishes.

Tunisian couscous is mostly made of wheat, though a variety made of barley is also available.

It is packed in thin plastic, with a quantity of one kilogram each. Bio couscous is packed in carton boxes of 500 grams per box.

Wheat to be harvested
Wheat to be harvested

Is couscous an essential pantry item?

If you prefer consuming a portion of grains with your daily meals, couscous is your perfect option. It is easy to make, it only takes a few minutes to steam. And it goes well with any dish.

Couscous can be found in multiple choices. You can pick the thinnest couscous or the medium size as fits you; rough grains are also available.

Bio couscous is the healthiest option you can go for. It is USDA-certified organic and cultivated traditionally in the green fields of Tunisia.

This whole grains product is a must if you are looking to start eating healthy foods.

Medium size couscous
Medium size couscous

Is couscous of significant nutritional value?

The strength and health of our ancestors testify to the benefits of this grain. Wheat is rich in nutrients and fiber. It is rich in vitamins such as vitamin B, niacin, thiamine, and folate and minerals, such as zinc, iron, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium. Several antioxidants such as phytic acid, ferulic acid, and sulfur are the main compounds found in wheat.

Couscous is an excellent source of plant-based protein and selenium. Both ingredients are vital for the immune system and selenium can potentially help lower cancer risks.

Couscous can offer a significant boost to your overall health. Seems exaggerated? Order and try it for yourself.

Steamed couscous with meat and nuts
Steamed couscous with meat and nuts

Shelf life and usage:

The steamed granules of wheat are ready to be cooked and served with appetizing stews.It can also be added to vegetables, casseroles…etc.

Couscous can be mixed with nuts, syrup or honey, raisins, and white meat sauce. It is a delicious mixture of flavors.

Couscous usually lasts for a year. Each box will contain the expiration date. Once opened should be consumed quickly and that should not be a problem as the box only contains one kilogram, which is usually enough to feed seven to eight people.

Shipment and payment options:

Shipping couscous does not need special arrangements. It can be shipped easily via planes or ships to any airport or marine port you choose. Postal services can come in handy when ordering small quantities.

You can choose to pay either with a letter of credit, a bank transfer, or a western union.


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