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Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Dates. Answers are constantly updated to provide useful information on all types of dates:Medjool Dates,Deglet Noor Dates,Barhi Dates,Dayri Dates,Halawy Dates,Zahidi Dates.

are fresh dates good ?

Yes, of course, dates are a very healthy and useful fruit. Specialists advise eating it in reasonable quantities, especially during the morning period, as it is rich in many nutrients, fiber and antioxidants.

are fresh dates sweet ?

Yes, fresh dates are intensely sweet when first harvested, and they contain a large amount of sugar which makes them self-preserving and long-lasting. Even the dates kept in the coolers, their taste remains sweet and does not change much with time.

are fresh dates juicy ?

No, not all fresh dates are very juicy. Yellow Bahri dates are very juicy and it is preferable to consume them after placing them in the refrigerator, except that the Medjool and Deglet Noor dates are not very juicy.

can fresh dates be frozen ?

Dates can be frozen for up to a year. Most types of dates are very strong and can be stored for a long time even without freezing. Fresh dates are stored in the refrigerator away from moisture.

how many fresh dates in 100 grams ?

100 grams of dates contain about 4 or 5 dates, depending on the type of dates, as the size varies slightly from one type to another, and dried dates have less mass than fresh dates.

what does a fresh date look like ?

Fresh dates are soft and plump with a slight glossiness to their skin. Specialists do not recommend buying and eating dates that have a hard and wrinkled skin, or dates that contain crystallized sugar on their skins .

what do fresh dates taste like ?

The taste of dates varies according to its type. The taste of Medjool dates differs from the taste of Deglat Noor. In general, dates have a sweet taste and remain on the tongue for a long time because the sugar content in them is very high.

when are fresh dates available ?

Fresh dates are available in the market from September to December. Beginning in January, dates become not fresh because they are frozen, but they maintain their nutritional properties and taste.

when to eat fresh dates ?

Morning: Fresh dates can be an excellent way to add natural sweetness and fiber to your early morning diet. As the large amount of fiber gives a sense of satiety for a long time.

where to buy fresh dates ?

You can buy fresh dates in some online markets such as,,, and many others. Also, you can find the best dates in food stores.

how long will fresh dates keep ?

The best way to keep dates is to put them in a refrigerator to retain moisture. In this case, fresh dates can remain intact for at least six months. Traders and major manufacturers keep them frozen for a long period that can exceed a whole year.

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