Sweet deglet noor dates

One of its kinds, Tunisian deglet noor dates are the sweetest fruits to eat. Grown primarily in Tunisia, and Algeria, benefiting from the vast deserts and hot weather, deglet noor palm trees produce most of the world's need of these exclusive honeyed fruits.

Tunisian oases are heavens full of colossal palm trees. Those vast lands have been cultivated with passion and inherited craftsmanship for decades.

The deserts of Kebeli, Douz, and Gabes produce the finest dates. Khuat Alig and other types also exist along with the translucent fingers of light.

Dates are available as dry, semi-dry, and soft. They are packed in different forms, usually in cartoon boxes to protect them against humidity and heat. You can find dates on branches or without branches; the first tend to last longer as they are immune to air.

Why do people consume dates?

Dates are a good source of iron, magnesium, potassium, and dietary fiber. Fiber is excellent for digestion.

Dates will keep you satisfied and inhibit your food cravings; hence they will help with weight control!

People love dates because they are quite versatile; they can be used in baked goods, with salads, and can also be delicious appetizers on their own, garnished with a few nuts.

While Arab countries are the top consumers of dates because of cultural and religious importance, the European union witnesses growth in consumption patterns because of changes in food options and favoring healthier choices.

Does dates sweetness compromise their benefits?

Dates are very sweet; deglet noor dates of premium quality even taste like honey! Well, this is perfect for people craving sugar; try snacking on dates instead of unhealthy snacks.

Dates are high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals; they are great energy boosters.

Also, they are low glycemic index food which is unlikely to raise blood sugar levels. A few dates a day will never hurt.

Deglet noor dates provide various antioxidants such as flavonoids, Carotenoids, and Phenolic Acid. These antioxidants have the potential to be significantly helpful with Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart health, eye-related issues and to lower the risks of cancer.

Shelf life and usage:

Dates can be made into sugar, syrup, and floor. All of these are healthier options to replace regular processed sugar and other unhealthy foods. The date kernels are made into coffee in some countries and it is worth trying.

Dates are excellent snacks. Once added to other recipes, they will upgrade the flavor beyond expectations; they go well in smoothies, fruits salads, cakes, and other recipes.

The good news is that even the low-quality dates can be used as stock feed! Nothing is wasted.

When it comes to dates storage, unfortunately, fresh dates do not last long. They must be consumed within a few weeks, or they can be stored in the fridge for later use.

Dry dates, however, last much longer. They can still be edible even after two years of harvest. Dry dates do not have to be stored in the fridge.

Shipment and payments:

Shipping fresh dates need to be done in refrigerated containers because they are sensitive to heat and might go bad quickly, especially when shipped to far destinations.

Shipping by air is also possible but will need special refrigerators. Otherwise, dry dates do not need such special arrangements.

We offer different payment options: western union, bank transfer, and letter of credit. We try our best to adjust to our clients’ choices.


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