Natural Tunisian honey

What is tastier than sweets? What is sweeter than sugar? And what is healthier than all these? Honey, the gift of bees to humanity, is the ultimate desire of people with a sweet tooth.

Tunisia produced 3,645 tonnes in 2020, with an annual growth rate of about eight percent.

One hundred percent bio honey is available. Also, excellent varieties are marketed. Thanks to the diverse typography and ecosystem in Tunisia, honey bees are raised in different areas to yield different types of honey.

You can choose from a variety of herbal flavors, each one is tastier than the one before. Packed in glass jars of different sizes and shapes, honey is a wonder to cherish.

Different types of honey
Different types of honey

Why should you consume honey?

Honey is the healthiest natural alternative to processed sugar. Nevertheless, it should not be consumed in excess; limit your appetite and control your consumption. Consumed moderately, honey would be a great addition to a healthy diet.

It would be great to use with pastries and baked goods and replace the ordinary white sugar. It is the perfect natural sweetener.

Honey has also been used in folklore medicine in healing burns and wounds. It can come in very handy if you witness such an accident.

Europe, the United States, China, and Turkey are the top consumers of honey globally. The popularity of honey stems from its versatility. It can be used in cuisine, but it is also used as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent.

Honey with lemon for coughs
Honey with lemon for coughs

What good can honey do to you?

Honey is basically pure natural sugar. It does contain a few proteins and fiber, but not a significant amount. It is nevertheless, rich in polyphenols.

Honey is an excellent source of antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolic acids. As a general rule, the darker the honey, the more antioxidants it contains.

If consumed in moderation, honey can be very beneficial for patients with diabetes. It raises adiponectin levels which regulates blood sugar levels and inhibits inflammation.

Honey is used to treat coughs and wounds. The simplest item in your pantry can be a life saver.

Consumption and shelf life:

Honey is a delicate product, but if stored and handled properly can never go bad. With time, it might go darker or crystallize, but it will still be safe to consume.

Production companies, however, may state that a two years period is best considered, for practical reasons.

It should be noted that heat is bad for honey; it should be stored at low temperatures and in glass jars. Metal and plastic containers are also bad.

Once properly preserved, feel free to use it as a sweetener instead of processed sugar and chemical flavors.

Have a teaspoon every morning and you will notice an improvement in your oral health. Honey is good for coughs.

Add it to your smoothies, trail mixes, sweets, and any other dish you want to sweeten.

Natural honey
Natural honey

Shipment and payment terms:

Paying for your orders is easy. A letter of credit, a bank transfer, or western union services give you enough options.

You can order small quantities to your preferred destination and our postal services or DHL will deliver them to your doorsteps.

Large quantities can be delivered via air freight or sea freight services to any port.


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