Shipping Delivery

We provide several methods for the delivery of goods to our customers around the world. The customer can choose what suits him best according to the quantity, the type of product, and the intended country.

Shipping delivery

Shipping by post

This delivery method is used when the weight of the parcel does not exceed 30 kg. However, the customer can order several parcels of this weight or less. The charges are to be calculated according to the country, weight, and size of the package. The buyer receives the purchase at the address he specifies.

Express courier shipping

The details of this method are similar to the previous one.Yet, it is only used following the customer's desire to obtain his goods within a short period not exceeding four days.

Air freight

Our company adopts this method according to the customer's wish if he can receive the purchase at the airport nearest to him. The permitted quantity of goods exceeds one hundred kilograms and does not exceed 1000 kilograms per shipment.

Sea freight

Sea freight is used to send large quantities, and customers can receive their goods at the port closest to them. The delivery process does not exceed one month from the date of purchase.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs vary depending on the type of merchandise, shipping method, and the destination country; they are accurately calculated and added to the purchase price.

Free delivery

Our company can deliver purchases free of charge to distinguished customers by prior arrangement or on special offers.

Shipping insurance

Our company secures shipping operations by express courier, and it is not charged to the customer. It also ensures other shipments according to the request of the buyer; if necessary without his request in case there are any risks for the delivery process, and he would be warned before paying for the goods.

Ebastores strives to provide adequate circumstances for the goods to reach its customers in perfect condition, to ensure credibility, respect, and rights.

What else?

You can contact us by email at any time to request details of shipping costs and any other clarification; you will find sufficient answers to all your questions.