Tunisian sun-dried figs

Dried figs are people's favorite fruits. They are amazing sweet treats that you can enjoy in all seasons.

The Mediterranean climate and Tunisian soil have been beneficial for the cultivation of fig trees. Tunisia produces some of the sweetest fig fruits; multiple varieties exist.

Tunisian figs are handpicked and processed naturally using traditional methods. No chemicals whatsoever are used because we prioritize human health and the preservation of the natural flavor.

These fruits are packaged in carton boxes of different sizes. Glass jars are used to package fruits soaked in olive oil.

Premium quality dried figs from Tunisian origin
Premium quality dried figs from Tunisian origin

Why should you snack on dried figs?

Tunisian figs are sun-dried, naturally, and with utmost passion and craftsmanship. They are the tiny diamonds to keep in your pocket at all times. Snacking on dried figs is the perfect way to stay energized and handle the pressure of a long tiring day.

The Arab world is the biggest consumer of dried figs because of their cultural importance and culinary heritage. Yet, western countries are catching up too. Changing consumer behaviors and favoring healthier food options came in favor of these fruits.

People choose figs because of their significant nutritional value and their potential health benefits. Enough said that even people with diabetes can consume these fruits safely. They are the perfect substitute for ordinary processed snacks.

Dried figs soaked in olive oil
Dried figs soaked in olive oil

Do dried figs possess beneficial nutrients?

Folk medicine practitioners used these fruits to treat different conditions. The productive, immune, respiratory, and digestive systems are the biggest beneficiaries.

Folklore aside, science stood in favor as well. Figs are extremely nutritious and can replace hundreds of the unhealthy snacks you are unconsciously sinking yourselves with.

Dried figs are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin c, and a number of other components make up these fruits; it is a real treasure!

Figs possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They might potentially protect the cells and help lower fat. They are of huge therapeutic importance.

Fig's laxative properties make them an excellent treatment for constipation.

How long can you store them and how would you eat them?

Unfortunately, fresh figs last only a few days. Luckily, the wisdom of our ancestors found a solution to this calamity. Drying figs to remove all the moister is sufficient to render them last longer. Dried figs can be stored for up to two years without deteriorating.

Figs soaked in olive oil might even last longer; oil prevents the formation of moths and keeps the texture soft.

The drying process results in the sugar amount being more concentrated; you must control your consumption.

Having a few figs for a snack or a late-night bite should be satisfactory to quench your hunger and help with weight control and overeating. However, adding figs to baked goods, yogurts, granolas, and smoothies can be much more rewarding.

Dried figs can also be made into delicious jams and syrup. These are the perfect spread for the morning toast or kids’ snacks.

Dried figs' jam
Dried figs' jam

Shipment and payment terms:

We can deliver your purchase of dried figs both via sea freight and air freight. For the small quantities, however, we offer you both rapid and normal postal services, which will deliver your order to your doorsteps.

Our payment terms are suitable for everyone. We offer the following choices: bank transfer, letter of credit, and western union.


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